Supercharge, Boost, Advance!

Supercharge, Boost, Advance!

Tesla owners of a Model S or Model X, who are in China, received the latest Supercharge improvement in the recent 2020.32.2 software update. The details of the release are as follows:

“Your car is now able to charge at V3 Superchargers at up to 250kW peak rates. As usual, when you navigate to a Supercharger, your car will condition its battery during the drive, so it can charge faster.”

It was rolled out to enhance the Supercharge feature that now allows the Model S and Model X to supercharge their electric vehicle’s battery at 250 kW or a charge rate of 1,000 miles per hour.

Now, these two Tesla models have the same charge rates of the Model 3 and Model Y when plugged into a V3 Superchargers.

V3 Supercharging has a 1MW power cabinet similar to the Powerpack design and offers peak charge rates up to 250kW per car. V3 Supercharge reduces the amount of time needed to charge a car by up to 50%.

The Model S and Model X peak charging rates were first updated in the US and Canada earlier this year. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said they had increased the wire thickness for the two vehicles to enable the higher current capability. With the thicker cable, power capabilities were increased from reduced resistance.

The EV market can expect more battery improvements in Tesla’s latest production vehicles as the company continues development on its cell technology. Tesla is hosting a Battery Day on 22 September 2020 to give more information on its strategy to increase cell production in its production facilities and provide further insight on a million-mile capable battery.

The Model S and Model X utilize 18650 battery cells instead of the 2170 battery pack used in the Model 3 and Model Y. But Tesla is making sure all models will see charging and battery improvements.


Tesla has confirmed that the annual shareholder meeting and Battery Day will be held on Tuesday, September 22 at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time and live-streamed from the meeting venue at 45500 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538. The highly-anticipated event will see eligible stockholders attend in person unless restrictions are put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlights of annual shareholder meeting where Tesla’s Board is recommending a vote against four out of seven key agenda items. One of the items listed is the recommendation that the board votes against the proposal for paid advertising. This has long been the CEO’s stand where he has said that Tesla does not advertise. In reality, Tesla does not need to advertise as it seems the cars do the marketing themselves. Other issues include that the Tesla board vote against stockholder proposals for reporting on matters related to employee arbitration and additional reporting on human rights.

Tesla is currently working on a secret skunkworks lab for the design of its own next-generation cell technology as part of Project Roadrunner. Musk has noted that tours of a cell production facility would be given on Battery Day, and it could very well take place at this new Research and Development facility.

As Tesla continues to drive the cost of cell production down while advancing battery technology, the idea of having 500 miles to 600 miles of range per single charge becomes more clear. Tesla is expected to reveal a million-mile battery in the September 22 meeting.

The full details of Tesla’s upcoming 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting could be accessed here.