Showing The Love

Showing The Love

The Tesla community is a beautiful mix of Tesla owners, shareholders, and fans from all around the world. They support and believe in Elon Musk’s mission transition to sustainable energy. The reason behind the growth of the Tesla community is because people want to contribute to making the world a better and cleaner place. Up till now, most large conglomerates have merely pursued profit in spite of the damage caused along the way, whether it’s harming the environment, or through the exploitation of labor. People want to invest and believe in this ideal that large companies can make a difference while genuinely caring. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and that is what community is all about.


Tesla’s main focus is sustainable energy, which is evident through it product production of electric vehicles, Powerpacks and solar roof tiles. This makes the Tesla brand appealing and what makes Tesla fans passionate about the EV company’s vision as well as the Tesla products that they own. Tesla has built brand loyalty by attracting people who are responsible, caring, and simply enthusiastic about being better in every aspect of their life.

The Tesla community comes together for social events and volunteering projects as an outreach to the wider communities. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Tesla boss, Elon Musk who took to Twitter to show his appreciation:

To those who quietly help advance the causes we mutually believe in, knowing advancing the cause is the only reward: thank you

The Tesla community could almost be compared to a cult – but in a good way. They spread good vibes on blogs, YouTubes or through offering their time when extra hands are needed. As active participants, they do anything in their power to help and there are a lot of feel good stories.

We’ll mention just a few below.

Last year, a man was diagnosed with a terminal disease giving him a few months left to live. While he didn’t have a bucket list, he did express that he would want the opportunity to drive in an electric car. So, the Tesla community rallied together to make his dream come true. Watch the story here.

In another similar story, Dr. Matthew Chan, a Tesla enthusiast was told he had cancer, and this brought Tesla enthusiasts to make his dream come through by arranging for him to meetup with Chief Designer Franz Von Holzhausen. Dr Chan died last year January.

More recently, the Tesla Owners Club New York State partnered with the West Side Campaign Against Hunger to reach even more New Yorkers in need. In collaboration with @helpinghands_community, Tesla owners were delivering boxes of healthy food to vulnerable individuals. This Tesla community is also hosting a wine event this weekend for Tesla owners (sorry, folks, it’s all booked up).


The latest positive story is about the Kettleman Cats. The Tesla Supercharging station in Kettleman City is one of the biggest in the country. A Tesla driver noticed there were about 60 stray cats on the premises, which got her involved to help the cat colony. Thanks to her drawing attention to the matter, Tesla drivers that visit the charging station are all pitching in to help too.

There are many great stories worldwide of Tesla groups coming together to make a difference where they can. While they are evangelists for the Tesla brand, their ultimate goal is far beyond that of company products.

Simply jump onto the internet and do a search to find a Tesla community near you!