Online Purchase - the Key to Tesla’s Success During COVID-19 Pandemic

Online Purchase - the Key to Tesla’s Success During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tesla is the only car company that maintains a high number of sales during the pandemic.

Thanks to the online purchase, the EV giant continues with regular work as if everything was normal.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to be unstoppable when it comes to new inventions and car production.

After the Q2 Earnings Call, we can tell that his company is a master in car sales as well.

The ability to purchase a car with a few clicks instead of visiting a car dealer is efficient, fast, and works for both sides.

The company makes more profit, while the customer is safely buying a new vehicle from the commodity of their home.

Mr. Musk said, “We saw strong orders through the whole pandemic; we still had good order volume.”

Price negotiation with car dealers, and anxiety while buying a new vehicle, is what Tesla has been avoiding all these years.

After continuous success, there is no need to change the online selling practice.

Tesla is allowing the customers to have easy access to buying a car, without spending too much time on negotiating, test drive, and waiting around in car saloons.

Mr. Musk said, “We make the buying experience very easy. You can buy a Tesla in just two minutes by going to our website. Go onto our website. You can literally order a Tesla in two minutes, maybe one minute if you’re really fast.”

It seems that online sales are what makes the company so successful during the pandemic. While a lot of their showrooms are closed, customers can still purchase their vehicles without leaving home.

The rest of the carmakers reported a slowdown in demand as buyers were left without work or wouldn’t risk their health to go shop for a new vehicle.

Staying on top of the game is what Tesla does, and the first half of the year was no different.

Mr. Musk said that Tesla loves its cars and the way they develop. It’s not only about the profit, but about offering more for the same price. Adding in-car entertainment, video games, almost full autonomy are all features that contribute to Tesla’s success while everybody else is off duty.

In the second quarter, Tesla sold 90,650 vehicles, most of them Model 3, the number one car in the world for June.

The announcement of the new Giga Texas also deserves a lot of credit for Tesla’s popularity during the last month.