Model Y Owner Converts the Car in an Off-Road Monster

Model Y Owner Converts the Car in an Off-Road Monster


Tesla Model Y is an all-electric crossover that many didn’t believe it can go through all types of terrains.

The Model Y Off road Assist and the lifted suspension of this vehicle are two features meant to help Model Y owners to conquer all obstacles on the road, as well as off-road.

Brian Jenkins, a Model Y owner, took his new vehicle in the mountains of North Carolina to test its performance.

Challenging terrains are the favorite thing of this YouTuber, and this time he challenged “Overlanding Build,” his nickname for the Model Y vehicle.

However, his car has a couple of modifications for off-road, including a 4-inch suspension lift.

He also added All-Season Toyo A/T III tires, rims from TSW, and a combat green wrap.

Jenkins chose 31-inch all-terrain tires that helped him maneuver through the difficult terrain in the mountains. According to him, those are the largest tires that you can install on a Tesla.

He also says that a better description than offroading for his pimped Model Y is Overlanding, which means driving through remote locations and stick to the journey no matter the terrain conditions.

He added, “That is what Tesla is all about as far as going on trips. What better way to go off-road or into the wilderness than with a zero-emissions vehicle. Enjoy the adventure!”

On his journey, he used the assistance of “Off-road Assist” by Tesla, a feature that increases traction on tricky terrains like mountain roads.

Thanks to this incredible upgrade and the brilliant Tesla features, Model Y had no problem climbing up steep terrains, cracked roads, and rocky sections.

Deep divots in the road were not a problem for this ultra-power Model Y.

The adventure was successful, and Jenkins made it to the top of a 3,400-foot mountain with Model Y.

On the way up, the car burnt only 38% of the battery that was 90% full at the beginning of the trip.

So, when he got to the peak of the mountain, he still had a 52% charged battery.

Tesla has a regenerative braking system, which helped Model Y spend only 3% of the battery on the way back, which is amazing compared to vehicles with inner combustion.

The entire trip was 100.7 miles. Model Y used 43 kWh of energy going up and down the mountains in North Carolina.

Model Y proved it is an excellent and efficient off-road vehicle that can conquer challenging and steep terrains.

Once again, Tesla can do it all!