Inside Tesla's Giga Nevada - Battery Cell Production Line

Inside Tesla's Giga Nevada - Battery Cell Production Line

It’s not a secret that Tesla lets other companies use their patents for the advanced production of EVs. In 2014, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, allowed other car industries to borrow his inventions and use them in good faith.

However, this mastermind car maker has always been secretive about the key part of his super vehicles, the battery.

Even before seeing Tesla’s Model 3 all-electric sedan, we were ready to witness a technological wonder that will change the way we understand electric cars.

For this purpose, Tesla created Gigafactory in Nevada, dedicated to the production of 2170 battery cells and power trains that make Model 3’s performance impeccable as it is.

What’s happening inside Giga Nevada and how are these batteries produced has been a secret until recently. Thanks to the Science Channel’s Super Factories show, we can have a peek inside the Tesla battery paradise.

One of the most exciting sequences of the show is the part where we can see the custom cooling system by Tesla, optimized for sustainability.

The rare footage of Giga Nevada also includes a part where we can see massive conveyor systems that produce the battery cells for the all-electric sedan and battery units for Tesla’s Powerwall.

Another thing we learned is that Gigafactory Nevada produces 13 million cells per day, which is more than any other battery manufacturer.

Believe it or not, although Giga Nevada’s work seems outstanding, it is still not the best from Tesla.

First, because the 2170 cells are being produced together with Panasonic, and second, Tesla already has a more advanced battery project that’s independent, and that’s Roadrunner Project.

Roadrunner Project in Fremont is an expanded facility working on a pilot production line of cells fully designed and produced by Tesla.

A custom battery cell by Tesla means high expectations by everyone who’s in love with endless running EVs.

Speculations circulating in the electric vehicle world suggest that the Roadrunner batteries might be as powerful to provide millions of miles of car rides without recharging. As for the energy storage devices, some predictions say they can go for decades without recharging.

Tesla is more than a car maker. It is a revolution in EV, battery cell, and the solar panel industry that’s rapidly overtaking the markets.

Tesla will announce more info on the Roadrunner Project this September at the Battery Day event, so we can witness the technology upgrades from what we saw in Giga Nevada to what Roadrunner Project will offer.