Cybertruck Mania

Cybertruck Mania

The Ram TRX is considered to be a super quick and super powerful pickup truck and Tesla thinks so too. This is why the US electric carmaker is using the Ram TRX as a benchmark tested against the Tesla Cybertruck.

But Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to be the quickest pickup truck ever boasting a 0 to 60mph within 3 seconds. That beats any truck ever made…until the Ram TRX arrived. The noisy gas guzzler has a 6.2 liter Hemi V8 engine with 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Fuel costs to run this beast are estimated at around $4,000 annually and gives you 12 miles per gallon. Ram claims it can hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, but tests are proving it’s accelerating to that speed in under 4 seconds.

So, it seems perfectly practical for Tesla to benchmark the Cybertruck against the Ram, and if it were an EV, it would be a strong competitor.  A YouTube video by Gabeincal and Twitter images show the Ram TRX at Tesla’s Fremont facility. The video shows an 11-minute flyover around the factory site.

It’s amazing to think what’s needed to supercharge a gas powered pickup truck where you could just add an electric powertrain for instant torque, acceleration, and cheaper running costs with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Earlier this month, the Cybertruck was also seen doing the rounds at Giga Texas and it seems Tesla’s Technoking could’ve been behind the wheel as he was on-site at the same time, walking around and addressing a small crowd and thanking workers. Some of the workforce also got a peek inside the EV truck. 

Another treat was that Musk's personal Tesla Model S Plaid car was on site too.

Tesla Owners Online posted an image on social media of the Cybertruck taking a ride around the Texan facility. The online post included a mention for Elon Musk who responded rather quickly replied that he was just there driving the truck at the Gigafactory. The Cybertruck Owners Forum also added several images on its forum.

Since Tesla Owners Online had Musk's attention, he took the chance to ask about delivery timelines. But unfortunately, he wasn’t specific and Musk didn’t seem to be aware he was referring to the Cybertruck and answered instead, "Limited production of Model Y this year, high volume next year." And the Technoking followed up with another tweet saying, "same with Berlin."

It could be that Musk misunderstood or just to err on the side caution, it was safer to not make any public commitment. But any site of the Cybertruck definitely get Tesla fans excited.

The Cybertruck Owners Forum is a popular site for all those fans following the progress of most anticipated all-electric pickup truck. It has numerous articles from members providing updates and also has a 3D visualizer that you can use to configure what your pre ordered truck will look like.

Another great feature on this site is the reservations spreadsheet where you can input your reservation number for your Cybertruck and see where it is in the queue.

According to the website, “the last time Elon Musk disclosed Cybertruck reservation figures was on November 26, 2019 when he tweeted that 250k pre-orders had been received. That means approximately 463k orders have been received since his update.”

The forum has also revealed that a new Tesla Supercharger station that was installed in Texas has 4 parking spaces that noticeably bigger than the normal ones, which could very well be for the Tesla Cybertruck. It’s good news to know the charging infrastructure is already being adapted to include the new vehicle that should be going into production this year.