Tesla's Model X with a New Speed Record: 10 sec 1/4 mile

Tesla's Model X with a New Speed Record: 10 sec 1/4 mile

A new milestone set by Tesla's vehicle is making an impressive finish of this exciting weekend.

We are talking about Tesla's Model X and the 10-second quarter-mile record with Cheetah mode.

The powered upgrade proved once again that there is no faster electric vehicle in the world.

The 10.9121 seconds for passing a quarter-mile is a record that no other Tesla vehicle did so far, so the Model X owner is the proudest person in the EV world at the moment. The new Tesla record was accomplished by hitting the Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida and breaking the previous 11-second 1/4 mile barrier.

However, it is not the first time that Tesla leaves in the dust other cars, including Lamborghini.

The owner of the Model X seems to know the rules of the drag strip like a pro. For this race, this person emptied the car to the bone.

By taking out the seats, the panels, the entire frunk cargo, and the interior lining, the vehicles lose a significant amount of weight.

Less weight means more speed, so it is quite logical that a monster car like Model X broke the speed record.

In one of his Tweets, Elon Musk said, "Also, Tesla service can remove front trunk liner if you don't use it and improve performance further."

The weight reduction of a vehicle is the oldest trick in the racing playbook. Professionals racers know this, and they apply it when times for breaking a record come.

A useful tip like eliminating unnecessary weight plus the best car in the world leads to a successful race and breaking the speed barriers like no one else.

Reduction and acceleration is a general rule that veteran racers know about, and it means that by reducing 100 lb of weight, your car can accelerate 1/10th of a second advance in its 1/4 mile time.

Smashing down the previous records of Model X by four-tenths of a second means that the owner took 400 lbs of weight out of the car. Tesla cars are favorite among the racers since a couple of years ago, and that exactly because of the extreme advantages and technological advancements.

To make it clear, it's not like you can take out the seats and the entire interior of any car and break records on drag strips.

The key is to own the best car on the market, plus use the advantages that the old school tricks offer.

Until the next blasting Tesla record, we'll praise the extraordinary Model X and wait for new surprises.