Top Luxury EVs of the Year

Top Luxury EVs of the Year

There are many top-notch luxury electric vehicles available on the market today, all competing to overtake the current market leader. These new models are not only terrific driving vehicles that also happen to be driven by electricity; they also have many of the characteristics that make their gas-powered siblings great. To achieve this right, it takes a lot of engineering expertise, creative thinking, and billions of dollars. the most coveted luxury EV models from manufacturers like

All automakers, old and young, however, have a special relationship with their EV buyers that goes back to values because, for the majority of people, owning an EV is about more than simply a car; it's about their quest for the social good.


Audi's E-tron collection, which currently boasts eight models, including the new Q4 E-tron (from $48,800) and the Q4 Sportback E-tron (from $56,800), shares the same traits when it comes to drivability. These models are stylish, roomy compact SUVs with luxury features.


Three new models have been added to BMW's all-electric I portfolio to replace the i3, including the SUV iX ($84,100) and two sedans, the i4 ($51,400) and the i7 ($119,300). The i4 M50 variant (starting at $67,300) delivers premium driving experience and brings the familiar BMW drive to the EV era.


Cadillac has introduced its customizable Celestiq with more than 200 options in terms of trim and color in the ultra-high-end market. Each Celestiq, which has a starting price of $300,000, is handcrafted and custom-built to the buyer's specifications in collaboration with their personal Cadillac design concierge. Cadillac notes that no two Celestiqs will be identical and that it will take roughly eight months from the time of deposit to delivery for each build.


Introducing the Jaguar, I-PACE SUV, the brand's first entirely electric vehicle. This EV has been designed with a beautiful, highly aerodynamic shape and a low drag coefficient to enable efficiency by efficiently cutting through the air for maximum range and stability. The EV's flowing waistline, dramatic bonnet scoop, and distinguishing rear haunches make it exciting from any perspective.


Mercedes-Benz has a number of new EVs planned for 2023, including the previously released EQS SUV (from $104,400), two future SUVs (the EQE and the EQE-AMG, prices to be revealed), and a new midsize EQE sedan (from $74,900). The EQS SUV, which has three rows and more cutting-edge technical features than most of its rivals, is what really stands out.


The Polestar 3, their first SUV, is another addition from Polestar, which broke away from Volvo to form its own brand. Polestar refers to the 3 as an aerodynamic electric performance SUV and notes that it was created to compete with vehicles like the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron.


With the introduction of the brand's Spectre, an insanely styled, over-the-top two-door coupe with a classic grill and a price tag that starts at $415,000 and goes way up from there, there is now literally a Rolls-Royce of EVs. The first all-electric Rolls does not avoid the spotlight, from its nearly 18-foot length to the Starlight Coach Doors, which feature 4,796 gently lighted "stars" and a plethora of custom options.


Even if we didn't have the growing number of electric vehicles we do now, the 2022 Tesla Model S is still among the most alluring and desirable options in that developing market segment. The Tesla Model S has a driving range of up to 412 miles depending on the model, and its 1020 horsepower Plaid variant can deliver supercar performance while accommodating four people. With a sizable back baggage room and an additional front trunk for additional space, the Model S is extremely useful.


Volvo, which has been on a tear since the introduction of the electric XC40 Recharge SUV and the stylish C40 Recharge crossover will finally have a seven-seater electric SUV in their lineup with Volvo EX90, expected to hit the market in early 2024.