Top 5 Fastest Charging EVs

Top 5 Fastest Charging EVs

Manufacturers provided fewer than ten electric vehicle models for sale in the United States three years ago. Infrastructure held them back – there were few charging stations, and purchasers were legitimately concerned about running out of juice far from a charging station.

Those infrastructure issues are dissipating. Many major areas now have fast chargers outside of shopping centers and workplaces, and networks of chargers will begin to extend along interstates as electric companies recognize there is money to be made. The top five fastest-charging electric vehicles were measured and are mentioned below.

Electric vehicles do not charge at a steady rate, either. The first few percent of charge reaches the EV battery rapidly, while the remaining few percent can take much longer, according to testers. Note that the maximum mileage each car can accept from a Level 3 fast charger in 1 minute is measured in "miles per minute" in these calculations.

Size does matter

Even if two electric cars can receive the same amount of power, this does not mean they will charge at the same time. Different battery sizes are available in electric vehicles. Varying trim levels of similar electric automobiles might have different battery sizes. Calculating charging speeds is difficult because they don't last. One of the hottest study disciplines on the planet right now is battery technology. As a result, new and improved batteries are released on a regular basis. Automakers are aware of this, and thus frequently alter their design on the fly (Tesla, for example, incorporates more efficient batteries into its vehicles as they become available, rather than waiting for the next model year to improve its offerings). As a result, any computation considering currently available automobiles can and will alter at any time.


1. Lucid Air — 20 miles per minute

    Although it’s not too common to see a Lucid Air on the roads yet, but you will most likely see one soon. Customers have began receiving premium autos from the California firm.

    The Air, which starts at $77,400, has the longest EPA-certified range of any EV, with a maximum range of 520 miles. Owners may gain 300 miles of range in as little as 20 minutes using DC quick charging.


    2. Porsche Taycan — 15.5 miles per minute

    The Taycan, which is the Tesla Model S competitor, is capable of a rapid charge that, according to Porsche, will give you 62 miles of range in just four minutes. It won't keep charging at that rate indefinitely, but if your battery runs out, you'll be able to get another hour of highway driving in the time it takes to order a cup of coffee.

     Image Credit: Top Gear: Porche Taycan


    3. Tesla Model 3 — 15 miles per minute

      The best-selling electric vehicle in the United States can also be charged quickly to 80 percent of its battery capacity. Three drivers crossed the United Kingdom in a Model 3, stopping only three times to recharge for around half an hour each time, setting a Guinness World Record for the fastest charging.


      4. Kia EV6 — 14.5 miles per minute

        The sleek-looking hatchback is Kia's first dedicated EV, with an EPA-certified range of up to 310 miles. It comes in a variety of powertrains, ranging from a respectable 167 horsepower. It charges faster than most competitors thanks to its 800-volt design.

        Image Credit: Top Gear: Kia EV 6


        5. Hyundai Ioniq 5 — 13.4 miles per minute

          Hyundai and Kia are corporate relatives, and their vehicles frequently share components. Hyundai's answer to the EV6 is the Ioniq 5. The seats recline fully and feature leg bolsters, and the center console can slide all the way to the front or back of the cabin, which we enjoy. It's also a one-of-a-kind design with a striking mix of curves and linear features. It charges a little slower than the Kia, but it's still fast enough to make the top five.


          Additional Note:

          Because these cars do not charge at the same rate and each has a different battery size, miles per minute will not tell you how long it takes for each vehicle to achieve full charge. However, miles per minute is a useful shorthand for illustrating what you'd be getting into if you bought any of these cars.