Digitizing the EV Rental Experience

Digitizing the EV Rental Experience

As part of Hertz's mission to lead the future of mobility, the firm announced an investment in UFODRIVE, Europe's premier self-service electric car rental company and eMobility service provider. UFODRIVE is the world's first app-controlled, all-digital, all-electric automobile rental business. Its innovative eMobility SaaS Platform makes it simple for customers and fleet providers to switch to electric vehicles, delivering lean operations, lower energy costs, improved charging, and optimal fleet utilization with advanced AI technologies. UFODRIVE's technology allows customers to have a totally digital EV experience in two minutes.

The collaboration follows Hertz's revelation in October 2021 that it had bought 100,000 Tesla Model 3s as part of its move to a more sustainable future. It's expanding on that by investing in UFODRIVE, a service that emits far fewer emissions than standard car rental and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hertz is demonstrating a strong commitment to provide North America's largest electric car rental fleet and to expand its EV fleet globally.

Hertz is also committed to providing the greatest rental and recharging experience for pleasure and corporate customers worldwide. In October last year, the business also announced an exclusive agreement with Uber to make Tesla electric vehicles available for Uber drivers to rent.

Mark Fields, the Hertz interim CEO said:

"Our partnership with UFODRIVE is yet another major step in Hertz becoming an essential component of the modern mobility ecosystem," said Mark Fields, Hertz interim CEO. "Together, we will pilot ways to make renting an EV even easier using UFODRIVE's digital platforms for both the rental experience and fleet management. For customers, this partnership will help us create the future rental car experience that is all-digital and EV-centric."

Aidan McClean, UFODRIVE CEO an Irishman, came up with the idea after having terrible experiences with traditional automobile rental firms and wanting to see the industry become more sustainable, sleek, and convenient. He found that all his experiences with car rentals were slow and frustrating. He wondered why it hadn’t been digitized; why couldn’t people just arrive and drive away using just a phone. Why do we still have to deal with fuel options, queuing, insurance, delays.

McClean recently said:

"Born from a vision to deliver what we call 'Radically Better Car Rental,' this investment is a major validation of that dream. We are proud that we are helping to accelerate the transition to zero-emissions mobility, and our investors see the opportunity ahead. We pioneered and are now the premier operating system for electric fleets and already service a growing list of high-profile mobility companies."

Hertz plans to use UFODRIVE'S market-leading digital rental and fleet management technology to strengthen its worldwide EV fleet operations after successful live testing in 2021. Starting with Hertz's main partners in the United States and Europe, UFODRIVE's SaaS platform will provide a fully digital rental experience, charging point wayfinding, touchless smartphone access, and online customer assistance with live telematics.

UFODRIVE plans to use the new funds to speed up product development and grow globally, with a focus on the United States. UFODRIVE's success is built on environmental stewardship, exceptional customer service, and a keen understanding of what modern consumers require. Throughout the pandemic, the company has continued to expand, building new outlets and adding home delivery and subscription services to its existing rental operation.


With its own all-electric car rental business driven by its unique end-to-end eMobility platform, UFODRIVE is leading the electric car revolution. It provides a 100% electric, 100% digital experience in nine countries and 18 locations throughout the world, giving a fundamentally better automobile rental experience that combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding electric vehicles. Every journey with UFODRIVE helps to avoid future pollution on the roads and in the atmosphere by emitting zero emissions.

Customers may access and operate their automobile on their own time, with the superior AI eMobility platform open 24/7, 365, and with optimized charging and routing. The contactless electric platform developed by UFODRIVE may also be used to manage rental, shared, commercial, and private fleets, maximizing cost effectiveness while providing a great customer experience.