It’s Not Only Size That Matters

It’s Not Only Size That Matters

Small improvements are coming to Tesla’s Cybertruck design. Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed they are working on making small tweaks to improve the Cybertruck’s design.

Talk of changing the Cybertruck’s design started in May this year when Musk said he and chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen reviewed cutting the size of the all-electric pickup by 3%.

Reviewed design with Franz last night. Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size. We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.

It’s not breaking news that Tesla was planning on producing a smaller version, especially for the European market, but earlier this week when Musk said Tesla will be publishing updated photos of the newly-designed Cybertruck, Tesla fans were getting all giddy with excitement.

However, there is going to be a bit more to the new Cybertruck design than just changing the vehicle’s size to be able to at least make a comfortable fit in the average-sized US garage.

Tesla is also expected to change the alloy used in the Cybertruck prototype. Musk has previously said with SpaceX "rapidly changing alloy constituents and forming methods" for its Mars-bound Starship, it can bring changes to the Cybertruck. The original ultra-hard 30X steel used make the vehicle also made it hard to shape the truck, hence the angular design of the prototype.

Other expected changes include adjustments to that allow an increase in the truck’s ability to haul large cargo. Some guesses say this will be a midgate that has the rear window of the truck roll down to open up the cabin to extend the length of the bed. It certainly come in handy when transporting longer items like wood or piping. There would be a multitude of uses for a longer cargo area.

Besides the latest FSD version in beta, Tesla’s Sentry Mode is still one of the best security features ever introduced into the auto industry. No doubt this will be part of the Cybertruck but Musk has said in the past that that a laser defense system would be a possibility. We’ll have to hold our breath on this one and see how ‘far out’ Musk will take his ideas.

Whatever Tesla is going to deliver with the latest Cybertruck design, we do know that Musk won’t disappoint. 

Whatever the additions are, Musk knows that the revisions will make the Cybertruck better. When Jay Leno went for a test drive earlier this year, Musk said:

“At Tesla we always want to have the production car be better than the show car. It always drove me crazy when manufacturers would come out with this cool-looking show car, and then the actual production car would be way worse. And you’re like, man, you got us all excited about this sweet looking car and then the production one is … terrible.”

He spoke of making changes back so we can trust that his vision will definitely be an improvement and not take anything away that makes the Cybertruck so unique.

The Cybertruck will go into production at the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. The facility started construction over a 100 days ago and it is making significant progress considering the whole approval process had a few hitches faced a few delays and only got going end of July.

It seems the race is on with Hummer and Fisker entering the electric pickup competition but Elon Musk is thinking ahead and tweaking his Cybertruck design to make sure Tesla doesn’t lose its lead.