Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM Emoji A
Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM
Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM Emoji C
Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM Emoji B
Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM
Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y emoji air freshener Interior TALSEM

Emoji Air Freshener for Tesla Model S/3/X/Y and Cybertruck

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Why settle for a boring air freshener that does nothing but hangs in your car? Get something that is not only functional and beautiful but also allows you to relax. A delightfully enchanting alternative to toxic air fresheners, these adorable bee air fresheners for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S will luxuriate your car with the calming essence of nature. So go ahead and enjoy life to the fullest as you unroll through every timeless mile.

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Smell the nature, exhale the negativity

For those of you who want to breathe in the scent of nature, why not go with the Cute Custom Air Freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S? It's a delightful air freshener that will add some spirit to your car. Our adorable Bee Air Fresheners will leave you refreshed and relaxed as they strategically disperse their natural fragrance through your Tesla. 

Drive with style and elegance in your Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3, or Model Y with our brand-new Cute Custom Air Freshener! A dual-purpose product, these fun little air fresheners act as a cute cosmetic addition to the inside of your Tesla, while also dispersing a fantastic aroma in the process. So sit back, relax, and breathe deeply; these adorable animals will have you smelling fine in no time.

It's impossible not to fall in love with it

Imagine settling into your Tesla after a long day of work to an aroma of the fresh forest, floral, and ocean scents. Well, that's pretty hard to beat. With custom Air Fresheners for Tesla, now you can make your car smell as unique as you are! Made from non-toxic materials that are safe for both you and your car, removing or installing the freshener is a cinch as well. Plus, the design brings out your fun side. Talk about the style that lingers - this design will leave a lasting impression.

Enjoy the luxury of natural scents in your ride that makes your travel pleasant and comfortable. From the fresh scent of nature to the revitalizing fragrance of flowers and herbs, this Custom Bee Air Freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S will add a touch of extravagance to your tesla model. Available in 3 adorable designs, whether you choose one expression or all three, we have an ultra-functional air freshener for every taste! It's so good, you’ll want to hang one in every corner of your Tesla!

Designed with ergonomics in mind

Escape the stress of the hectic city and fill your Tesla with the sweet aroma of nature. 

This lovely bee design car air freshener is not only aesthetically pleasing, but with its charming designs and fragrance, it will add life to your car while making it smell fresh, clean, and fresh. In addition to its meticulous design, it also comes with a non-trace 3m glue, so you can rest assured that when you remove it, no residue will be left behind, nor will your beloved Tesla suffer any harm. Additionally, it has a magnetic suction head, which makes it easy to remove the head for refilling, and easy to put back in when it is finished! Coming in 3 cute expressions and a class of its own, this unique air freshener is very simple to operate and assemble, and will last you an incredibly long time!



Packaging Includes

  • 1x Emoji Air Freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S



  • PP, PC, PE


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model 3, Y, X, S.



What makes this a must-have for my Tesla? 

Looking to add a touch of cuteness to your car, but don't want to go overboard? Tired of pungent fragrances? Be struck by the smell of fresh air. With the smell of nature, plants, and the ocean, this adorable air freshener not only boasts a cute bee design but also absorbs odors throughout your car so you can enjoy your ride and feel fresh and relaxed as well. With an easy-to-stick design, our unique air freshener ensures that it won’t leave marks on your car when you take it off, so rest assured to hang it anywhere you like.

This custom air freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S looks adorable! However, I'm not sure how to use it. Could you please provide some examples below?

The installation of this air freshener is a breeze, and it is even easier to use! To use this device, you simply remove the cover of the outlet, put one fragrant tablet in, and then replace the magnetic suction head. Voilà! Your Tesla is now filled with a refreshingly soothing scent! 

There is nothing more adorable than this custom air freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S, but I am afraid it won't last long. Could this be the case?

Made with high-quality material and according to the proper standards, this unique air freshener will keep your car smelling fresh for an extremely long time and will also last you a long time. Moreover, the color, texture, and design of this product will all be preserved, so you can have this cute bee with you for years to come!

It would be lovely to own this air freshener; however, I cannot picture where to attach it. Could it cause any problems if I first place it somewhere and then take it off again to place it elsewhere? Will any residue remain or will my Tesla interior be damaged? 

Designed to meet your convenience, this Custom Air Freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S comes with non-trace 3m glue, so that the product can be directly applied to a variety of surfaces and removed easily. Furthermore, it adheres the product firmly to the surface to ensure that it will never fall off, it doesn't cause harm to the air outlet, and best of all, it does not leave any residue behind! 

Is the Custom Air Freshener for Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S available in only one design? 

Fortunately, no! We offer three adorable designs to choose from so you can pick the one that best fits your taste! Those are so sweet and beautiful, that you might not want to stop at one. But buy all three to give driving a whole new meaning and to brighten your mood in no time at all! 

I own both a Model 3 and a Model Y. Are these Air Fresheners compatible with both my vehicles? 

The cute little air fresher boasts a wide compatibility range, and you can use it with Tesla Model 3, X, Y, and S vehicles. Whether you're looking to distress or want to immerse yourself in the natural smells of the forest, this air freshener has you covered. Why wait? Get these useful whimsical products for your beloved Teslas today.

Can you tell me about the fragrances in this Custom Air Freshener for the Tesla Model 3/X/Y/S? 

This bee-shaped air freshener is just what you need. It's made up of high-quality materials and beautifully crafted to effortlessly stick to your car's dashboard or rear window without leaving any residue behind. Available in cologne notes and ocean notes, this amazing air freshener provides an uplifting and positive experience in your Tesla car


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