Tesla Model 3 Exterior Accessories

Tesla Model 3 Exterior Accessories

If you want your Tesla Model 3 to be able to carry more gear, get more utility or just look better without spending a fortune at your local garage.
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From genuine covers to body kits to transform your ride and make it stand out, we provide a wide collection of Tesla Model 3 exterior accessories. Below you can find a list of some of the fascinating Tesla Model 3 exterior accessories offered by TALSEM:

Roof Rack 

Transform your Model 3 with our roof rack and unlock a new level of utility: Mount and carry large items such as bikes, kayaks, camping gear, skis, snowboards, paddle boards or cargo boxes. 

  • Multi-Installations Ready for seasonal installations. 

  • Carry bulky items: You will be able to transport up to 150lbs (65kg) of extra weight.

  • Aerodynamic efficiency: Designed for minimal range loss (reduce it to 1.6% only) and wind noise reduction.

If you are looking for a solution specifically designed for bikes, have a look at our bike racks for Tesla model 3. 

Chrome Delete Kit 

Whether you don’t like the chrome on your Tesla Model 3 or the fingerprints stains left onto it, our chrome delete kit is the easiest and most durable solution to bring a fresh look to your Tesla. 

Our chrome delete kit is:

  • An inexpensive alternative to wraps

  • Easy to install and remove without professional help

  • A more durable solution compare to wraps

If you are looking for other must have Tesla model 3 accessories to enhance the exterior of your car, you will enjoy learning more about our brake caliper covers 

Aero Wheel Covers 

Drive-in style by choosing our Tesla aero wheel covers for your model 3. The cool design is an eye-catching replacement accessory that offers improved aerodynamics for maximum range, available in 7 colors: 

  • Black and red

  • Black and white

  • Carbon fiber

  • Chrome plated

  • Black

  • Black and blue

  • Dark grey

Alternatively, if you are looking at removing your aero wheel covers to enjoy the raw beauty of your wheels, we have other Tesla model 3 accessories like the lug nut covers and wheel caps kit that you want to have a look at!  

Wheel Rim Protector Set

Our wheel rim protectors are perfect curb rash guards. On top of that, they bring a vibrant color touch to your car. 

Key features:

  • Protect against curb rash: Removing your aero wheel covers will let you enjoy the beauty of your Tesla wheels. Our rim guards will protect them. 

  • Easy installation: Custom sized for your car wheels, no need to remove your tires or cut bands. Read our full installation guide below.

  • Bring a touch of color to your wheels for your Tesla to stand out.

  • Includes a free wheel cap kit and a pack of lug nut covers for a full wheel upgrade and additional protection. 

An Unparalleled Driving Experience Now Even More Unique

Tesla’s Model 3 is one of the most coveted electric cars globally. Tesla has created a vehicle that combines style, performance, luxury, and sustainability to create an unparalleled driving experience. TALSEM will take your Tesla Model 3 even further with best-in-class Model 3 accessories and exterior modifications that make your driving experience even more special.