Your Tesla Model Y Buying Guide

Your Tesla Model Y Buying Guide

Since 2020, the Tesla Model Y has been sold in North America, including the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Over the following years, it will also be sold in the rest of the world. Even though it is still relatively young, there are more old automobiles for sale as well as new inventory. The Model Y demonstrates the expertise Tesla has amassed, and as a design, it is more developed than the Model 3, with which it appears to share many details. The Model X is the primary practical alternative to the Model Y, while being significantly more expensive. The Model Y SUV is a rapid car with almost instantaneous reflexes and sports car-like steering.


The Model Y has the most competition because it is in the most popular EV market segment the compact SUV market. Whichever you choose on truly depends on your personal values. While there are more affordable but less capable vehicles like the ID3, and vehicles in the same price range like the Ford Mach-E, Enyaq ID4, Ioniq 5, and even vehicles like the BMW i3x are all highly reliable vehicles. But if range is paramount to you, the Tesla Model Y is the winner.

New or used?

The Model Y is easily accessible as a brand-new, nearly new, or used vehicle. A brand-new car with the newest updates is what you get when you purchase one. The Long Range and Performance models of the Model Y, which are both available from Tesla, both come with a dual-motor AWD powertrain. A 75 kWh battery powers both models. The Standard Range entry-level model has been cancelled for 2022, making the Long Range the de facto basic model.

Range and Performance

The Long Range is true to its name and offers 330 miles while the Performance model has a range of 303 miles. Range is one of the more important factors to consider in an EV. The Tesla Long Range maximizes driving range while offering plenty of performance. According to Tesla, the Model Y Dual Motor Long Range can hit 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, and the Performance model can do so in under 3.5 seconds. These numbers put the Model Y in the lead among electric SUVs. Since Tesla has reliable traction control, it can effortlessly navigate icy and wet roads.

The expected range for the Performance variant is reduced to 303 miles. However, it comes with 20-inch wheels, a lowered suspension, a faster stated acceleration, and a special Track mode with a higher top speed of 155 mph. While the Tesla Model Y has a dependable range and efficient rapid charging, it is quite expensive to insure.

Tesla Model Y Spacious Cargo Interior

Interior and Space

The Model Y lacks the intricate Falcon Wing doors found on the bigger Model X crossover; instead, most of its interior is shared with the Model 3 sedan. Like that automobile, it is entirely devoid of buttons and relies on a sizable infotainment display that is positioned in the center of a straightforward dashboard. All-glass construction gives the cabin a light feel, but it is extensively tinted to protect people from being overheated. But Tesla offers a variety of equipment and technology that should help make travel more enjoyable. All five seats in the Model Y are heated, and the driver's and front passenger's chairs are power adjustable. There is plenty storage throughout the cabin.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Almost all the Model Y's features are controlled through the huge, slender infotainment display that sits in the center of the dashboard. It takes some getting used to the fact that everything is displayed on this display, from the climate control to the speedometer. Video games help to pass time when waiting in the vehicle, whether for you or your children.

The Model Y and Model 3 have the same entertainment apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, and Tesla keeps safety in mind and these entertainment apps are disabled while the car is moving. There shouldn't be any family disputes over charging individual devices because there are two wireless smartphone charging mats and four USB-C charging outlets.

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