USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM
USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM
Tesla Model 3/Y USB Hub - 5 Ports and Secret Compartment For Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage *only for Tesla configured with USB-A and USB-C*
USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM
USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM
USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM
USB Hub, with Hidden Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Interior TALSEM

Tesla Model 3/Y USB Hub - 5 Ports and Secret Compartment For Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage *only for Tesla configured with USB-A and USB-C*

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With only 2 USB ports, your Tesla is falling short when it comes to charge and plug your everyday devices. Armed with USB splitters or generic USB Hub you can fix that issue but the knot bag created by the cables will make it feel very cluttered down your center console. With that in mind, to help you organize your Tesla Model 3 & Model Y center console, we designed a snug fit USB Hub for you to plug up to 5 devices and create a secret slot to hide your storage device. After snapping it inside the ports of your console, you will feel as if it came with the car.

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  • Order Processed in 24h - Fast Delivery.
  • 5 output Ports in total for Data and Power. 3 USB-A and 2 Type-C ports
  • 2 input ports: 1 USB-A port and 1 type-C port to snap in your Tesla
  • Secret Compartment: Including 1 USB-A port and a magnet to lock your hard drive against the Hub wall and hide it from strangers.
  • Organized and clean: You can plug all your devices without your center console feeling like that drawer full of unused cables back home.
  • Music, data, charging, gaming: Sentry mode recording, charge your phones, listen to your music, play Cuphead with your gaming controller, all at the same time.
  • Quality Build: Uniform rubberized texture and snug fit as if it was meant to be in your in car.
  • Compatible with other must-have TALSEM accessories: USB Drive & Wireless Charging Pad and gaming controller.
  • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y featuring 1 USB-A port and 1 Type-C port. If you are not sure, refer to our compatibility guide for more information.
  • Support maximum 512GB USB flash drive


5 in 1 Hub - Plug up to 5 devices

Our Tesla USB Hub features a total of 5 USB ports to charge your devices and process data. It showcases 2 front USB-A ports for power & data and 2 USB Type-C ports to charge your smartphone, airpods, plug a gaming controller or your wireless charging pad . An additional USB-A port is located in the hidden compartment, designed to hide your dashcam and sentry mode storage device. Learn more below about the hidden compartment. 

Snug Fit Design & Peace of Mind

Our Tesla model 3 and model Y USB hub comes with a solid and rubberized texture. Its mat black finish gives a nice and sleek look. It snaps into your center console perfectly, as if it was supposed to there from day one, as if it wasn't an accessory.

You can now plug more devices without creating a mess with all their cables. As a Tesla owner, keeping a minimalistic design may be important for you. A pile of devices and cables inside your console is not what you or you passenger expect to see when they get into your car.

Talsem USB HUB Model Y and Model 3 Post June 2020 - Before After Comparaison

Secret compartment to protect your hard drive


Open Close Talsem USB Hub Model 3 post june 2020 and model y


Access the hidden compartment with a simple push on the lower corners to eject the magnetic tray. Inside, you will find an additional USB-A port where you can store a USB key or a hard drive to play your music or record your dashcam and sentry mode footage. 
The hidden compartment also includes a magnet lid solution to stick your hard drive on the wall of your compartment to prevent your device from moving around.
Its discreet opening mechanism makes it harder for thieves to find your storage device and steal your recording data.

Charge faster

The left USB C port on our USB Hub will allow you to charge at the fastest speed (18w IIRC).


Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y configured with one USB-A port and one USB-C. If your model 3 has been built before June 2020, check our this USB Hub  here.

Note: This version is Not compatible with the Tesla Model Y 2021, Not compatible with Tesla Model 3 2022 with two USB-C ports.


No tools are required for installation, you simply need to snap the Tesla USB HUB in the two USB ports located inside your center console.

Packaging Includes

1 Talsem USB Hub for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Post June 2020 featuring: 
  • 2 USB-A Ports (Data & Power), 2 USB-C Ports 
  • 1 Hidden Compartment with 1 USB-A Port (Data & Power)
  • 1 Magnet plate to stick your hard drive on the wall of the hidden compartment
  • Solid and rubberized texture
  • Mat black finish


Is the Talsem Tesla USB Hub compatible with my Tesla Model 3?

Our Model 3 USB Hub is for vehicles built after June 2020. If you have a doubt on the date of your vehicle, you can simply take a look at the original USB ports featured in your center console. If you have one USB-A and one USB-C then this Model 3 USB Hub is compatible with your car. If you have two USB-A ports, you can check our Talsem USB Hub for Tesla Model 3 built before June 2020.

Is the Talsem USB Hub compatible with my Tesla Model Y?

Please check our compatibility guide for more information:  https://talsem.copages/usb-hubs-compatibility-guide

Can I use a USB Hub for Tesla and a Talsem Wireless pad at the same time?

Yes, you can use our model 3 USB hub and fit your Talsem Wireless Pad in your center console.  

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