Tesla Christmas Update 2022

Tesla Christmas Update 2022

For Tesla owners worldwide, this is the happiest time of the year. Every year, Tesla updates its operating system and introduces a number of intriguing new features. These improvements often include everything from amusing light displays to practical elements like auto turn signals. The most anticipated upgrade Tesla provides each year is typically this one. Here are a few of the most notable additions to Tesla's holiday update.

Scheduled Light Show

A pleasant dancing light show was added to all Tesla vehicles last year. The upgrade for 2022 improves these features. Owners will be able to schedule a light display for up to 10 minutes in advance thanks to this year's update, or they can set many cars to start at the same time to enjoy a multi-car orchestra. Along with this update, Tesla has also included a brand-new song and light show.

Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the most frequently asked-for upgrades to Tesla's software. The only other music streaming services were Slacker, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, and SiriusXM before this inclusion. You would need to pair your phone with a Bluetooth device and stream via another service. Apple Music has significant competition from Spotify and TIDAL, yet it has a catalogue of 100 million songs and industry-leading audio quality.

View Cabin Camera

You may now use the Tesla app to access the live video feed of the cabin camera when Dog Mode or Sentry Mode is activated. A button to watch live video in the app will be visible when one of these modes is active. Remember that when remote viewing is activated, Tesla will show a notice on the centre display informing customers that the vehicle's camera is now in use.


Tesla has been hinting at the Steam connection since early 2022, despite the fact that it is now in beta. Musk has stated that the expansion of games in Tesla vehicles is crucial as Full Self-Driving becomes a reality. In order to play the games smoothly, the Steam integration is only possible on more recent, refurbished Model S and Model X vehicles.

Bluetooth Controller Support

With this update, Tesla now adds Bluetooth controller compatibility to go along with its integration of Steam, however it is only available for the new Model S and Model X. The potential expansion of this capability to other vehicles would make sense, however it's unclear if it's connected to the Steam client.

Media Controls

For easy access, the media controls are now located closer to the driver. Drivers and passengers, or whoever is in charge of managing the media while cruising in the Tesla, can access "Recents” and “Favorites" and "Sources" by swiping up. You can get travel and tyre pressure data by swiping left or right.

Climate Control Fan Speed

Tesla eliminated the scroll bar used to adjust the fan speed in this version. Low, medium, and high are the three new speeds. This is a much-welcomed improvement over the 1–10 sliding scale, which wasn't always clear or simple to use.

MyQ Integration

A branded system called MyQ lets users to operate supported gates, garage doors, and lighting over Wi-Fi. Users previously had to use their cell phones to handle MyQ devices, but Tesla is now integrating support into their automobiles. Tesla will function similarly to HomeLink in allowing users to open and close garage doors that are supported by MyQ. HomeLink is a standard feature of the Model S and Model X but an add-on costing $350 USD for the Model 3 and Y.

Auto Turn Signals

After the driver has successfully accomplished a lane change, fork, or merge, your car's turn signals will no longer be activated. The Model 3 and Model Y vehicles equipped with hardware 3 can access this capability anywhere in the world. Tap Controls > Lights > Auto Turn Signals to enable it.

To take advantage of these fantastic new capabilities, look for version 2022.44.25.1 in your Tesla app, which is Tesla's greatest upgrade of the year. In the next weeks, everyone will start receiving it as Tesla introduces it gradually.

Tesla Christmas Fun

Stock Woes

Shares of Tesla Inc. (TSLA.O) are on set to have their worst month ever after a sell-off on Thursday that was sparked by concerns over waning interest in electric vehicles and CEO Elon Musk's Twitter diversion worsened. After the automaker's website revealed it was offering $7,500 discounts on Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles shipped in the United States this month, the stock fell about 10% this week, reaching its lowest level since September 2020.

Tesla's stock is on course to have its worst monthly performance ever after falling 36% so far in December. In contrast, when the coronavirus epidemic sent the global markets into a spiral in March 2020, Tesla's shares fell 22%.

Chaos and controversy followed Musk's $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October, and some investors now wonder if the billionaire is too preoccupied to manage Tesla effectively. Tesla shares worth over $40 billion have also been sold by Musk this year, which has put additional pressure on the market as investors fear he may sell more to keep Twitter afloat.