Understanding Tesla Phone Key Functionality

Understanding Tesla Phone Key Functionality


The Tesla Phone Key is a feature that allows Tesla Model 3 owners to use their smartphone as a key for their vehicle. This technology relies on Bluetooth to communicate between the car and the phone, enabling automatic locking and unlocking of the vehicle.

Setup Process:

  • Tesla App: Owners must have the Tesla app installed on their smartphone.
  • Account Login: Users need to log into the app with their Tesla account and remain logged in to use the Phone Key feature.
  • Vehicle Selection: If multiple vehicles are associated with the account, the correct one must be selected in the app.
  • Bluetooth and Location Services: These must be enabled for the app, with location access set to ‘Always’.
  • Mobile Access Permission: On the Model 3’s touchscreen, under Controls > Safety, ‘Allow Mobile Access’ must be activated.

With the Phone Key set up, the Model 3 unlocks when the owner approaches and pulls a door handle, and locks when they walk away if the Walk-Away Door Lock feature is turned on.

Key Points:

  • The Phone Key feature adds convenience by eliminating the need for physical keys.
  • Security is enhanced as only authenticated devices can access the vehicle.
  • Tesla provides two key cards as a backup to the Phone Key.

For the system to work effectively, the Tesla app should run in the background, and the smartphone should have a sufficient battery charge to support Bluetooth functions.


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