What will Tesla put in its Christmas Update?

What will Tesla put in its Christmas Update?

Historically, Tesla has released a key product practically every year. They deliver a holiday update every year with intriguing new features. A new user interface, new games, Boombox, Tesla theatre, and other features were incorporated in previous Christmas releases. For most people, the holiday season is an exciting time, and Tesla is giving us something more to look forward to.

Christmas 2021 Update

Elon has now announced on Twitter that Tesla will release another holiday update this year, but he does not elaborate on what will be included.

Elon announced on Twitter that the next Christmas upgrade is coming soon "Soon to be released. There's a lot of wonderful stuff." Although this statement leaves a lot to the imagination, it's entertaining to speculate on what this update might contain.

Elon has hinted at these planned features in the past year, and they may appear in the upcoming holiday upgrade.


Share Car through Tesla App

The feature to share your automobile was just uncovered in the source code of the new Tesla app. This function allows you to give someone else access to your automobile for a set period of time. Consider it like sharing a set of virtual vehicle keys with a set of expiration dates.

When sharing a vehicle, a Tesla owner will be able to issue an invitation to others. The person who accepts the invitation will need the most recent Tesla app and, if they don't already have one, a Tesla account.

They'll probably have access to your vehicle after you login in. The car's owner will be able to withdraw access at any moment, add additional drivers, and set an expiration date for access to the vehicle.

The lender will have the option of sharing a vehicle with up to five other people. Sharing your vehicle is presently possible through your Tesla Account website, but making it available in the app will make it even more convenient.

Vehicle Sync

You'll be able to share your Tesla settings with other Teslas you own or rent thanks to Vehicle Sync. When you get into a new Tesla, Vehicle Sync will immediately configure your preferences such as stopping mode, auto high beams, temperature settings, and more.

Elon Musk announced earlier this year on Twitter that Tesla will be shifting all data and settings to the cloud. Any Tesla, he claims, will automatically adjust to your needs. There will be a new option called 'Enable Vehicle Sync' under each profile in the Profiles menu. Enabling this option appears to allow your Tesla to sync the specified driver profile to other Tesla vehicles in your app.

If you own numerous Teslas, borrow one, or rent one, you'll be able to keep your profile settings consistent across all of them. When you modify an option, it will be applied to all of your vehicles automatically.

This will come in handy when renting a Tesla (here's looking at you, Hertz). You're unlikely to want to go through every menu in the automobile and customize it to your liking. You might not even remember what some of your settings are.

New Parking Chimes

Elon was recommended this feature on Twitter, and he responded positively, seeming to like the idea. The addition would make Tesla's parking chime alerts even more useful. Instead of emitting a generic beeping sound, the loudness and direction of the sound would be determined by the object's proximity and location to the parking sensors. You'd hear the parking chime emanating from the rear speakers if you were pulling up in your Tesla and approaching an item like a parking lot light post. The alert would become louder as you got closer to the thing.

Face Recognition

Tesla has applied for a patent that would allow it to build driver profiles using facial recognition. Rather than needing to manually select your driver or passenger profile based on whose phone was nearest to the car, Tesla could offer easy face recognition that would automatically configure your profile for you. When Tesla introduces passenger profiles, this will make a lot more sense, as Tesla will likely want to avoid cluttering the UI with driver and passenger profile buttons.

Render Teslas on Display

The ability to recognize and display other Teslas on the screen could be one among the features Tesla includes in a holiday update. Tesla, with its improvements in object recognition, can pull this off if they wish to. More information regarding showing Teslas on a screen may be found here.

Some of these features may be included in this year's holiday update, but Tesla, like Santa, is always full of surprises.