Proof-of-Concept Battery kicks EV range out the park

Proof-of-Concept Battery kicks EV range out the park

Tesla has introduced a new Model S with a range of 752 miles on a single charge. The current Model S has a top range of 405 miles, according to Tesla. They briefly presented a longer-range plaid Plus variant with 520 miles or more after battery day, but that option was removed and the car was ostensibly canceled. Tesla was more concerned with improving efficiency and utilizing superchargers when necessary, rather than shipping vehicles with absurdly large ranges that are rarely utilized. In any event, customers prefer greater ranges and the ability to drive long distances without stopping to charge, as seen by Lucid Air's remarkable 520-mile range.

The launch of Tesla Model S Plaid in June 2021

However, for the Model S, battery technology company in Michigan, Our Next Energy (ONE) fitted its battery system in a Model S for the test drive. They maintained a fairly low speed of 55 miles per hour, but the car had a range of 752 miles. The battery technology startup exhibited a proof of concept battery that powered an electric vehicle 752 miles without recharging in late December. The vehicle completed a road test throughout Michigan at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

The results were confirmed by a third party using a vehicle dynamometer, with the test vehicle, a Tesla Model S, achieving 882 miles at 55 mph. It appears that the battery pack approximately quadrupled the energy density, adding around 331 kilos of weight to the original battery and automobile. That's a significant rise, and it will have its own set of consequences. It will also be prohibitively expensive, but this proof of concept is part of what they hope to achieve in the future, assisting in the elimination of range anxiety and the advancement of battery technology.

Regardless, achieving such a range is incredible and bodes well for the future of electric automobiles. Currently, most vehicles have a range of 250 to 300 miles and are quite expensive if they exceed those numbers, implying that a cheap Evie will require recharging while on the road. Fast charging stations, like Tesla's superchargers, are an excellent choice. However, the ideal future is one in which electric vehicles have longer ranges and a variety of chargers to select from when traveling long distances.


Tesla 2022 Model Updates

More updates for the Model 3 have been verified, as well as why Tesla's most popular vehicles receive updates anytime they want, rather than waiting for a model year change. This time is different. Tesla has already added two new features to these cars in the 2022 versions, which were first added to those vehicles in China. The new AMD Ryzen CPU for the infotainment screen is the first. The majority of consumers have discovered that this upgraded chip results in substantially faster screen load times and better responses.

Tesla switched to AMD on the new Model S and X with fantastic results, while the Model 3 is already four years old. It's the same software running on the same screen, but it's far faster in practically every manner. This is a significant advancement for these vehicles in 2022. They switched to their new lithium-ion 12-volt battery in China, and now the same upgrade has arrived in these cars constructed in the United States. It may seem like a minor adjustment, but Tesla has relied on traditional 12-volt batteries to power specific things in the car up until now.

Traditionally, these batteries didn't last as long as the huge battery pack that drives your car, and this was considered a drawback. This new battery, along with the new chip, are two enhancements that you have to peek under the hood to see, but they provide considerable improvements to these cars, particularly the revised chip that powers the primary screen that controls practically everything in these cars.


Tesla Q4 2021 Results

Tesla released their fourth-quarter 2021 vehicle production and delivery data earlier this week, confirming yet another record quarter. Tesla delivered a total of 308,600 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone. The remaining 11,750 were Model S and X output was slightly lower, suggesting the delivered some cars remained from the third quarter at 305,840 cars. This brings their total output for 2021 to 930,422 automobiles, with 936,172 deliveries.