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Integrated Head's Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y

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Get rid of the distraction and bring the information that matters to you right in front of your eyes with this integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y. Integrated into the Tesla's dashboard, this head's up display gives you clear, real-time information, such as speed, range and blinker status, within your immediate field of view. A warning window also appears when an obstacle is in the way of the speed limit or when the vehicle malfunctions.

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Keep your eyes on the road and drive safer.

Have you ever driven a Tesla Model 3/Y and wondered whether your blinker is on/off the current speed limit or the remaining range? Now you can see it right on a 10.25 inch HD display directly behind the steering wheel.

This Tesla heads-up display (HUD) keeps you safely informed and connected to your car's vital statistics while on the road. It also reduces driver distraction by discreetly informing you of key vehicle information instead of forcing you to take your eyes off the road to look at the center console screen.


Blends in perfectly with the Tesla interior.

If you have seen heads-up displays before and felt that they were standing out too much from the rest of the Tesla interior. You are going to love our product!

It’s custom-made to blend seamlessly with the interior of your Tesla Model 3/Y. It can be operated by the steering wheel control, letting you easily switch songs, channels and adjust volume, providing you with a safer and more enjoyable journey.

The automatic adjusting brightness levels also make sure it's never brighter or dimmer than it needs to be. As the ambient brightness varies, the UI interface switches between white and black UI modes according to the time of day.

Thanks to our advanced integrated HUD, it doesn't just enhance the look, but you will benefit from a safer ride.

Innovative triple-layer structure for maximum safety and comfort.

Featuring an Android 9 operating system with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage

Its powerful hexa-core processor will ensure a hiccup-free experience. You can view original vehicle radar information on its crystal clear 10.25 inches HD IPS screen.


  • OS: Android 9
  • Display: 10.25 inches 1920*720P IPS screen
  • Connection: USB
  • Control Method: Car steering wheel buttons
  • Languages:  Support Multi-language 
  • Memory:  RAM 4GB ROM 32GB

Note: No GPS navigation, Not support Android Auto (No Carplay)



  • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y made in 2018-2024


  • ABS, in three color options: Black, White and Matte Carbon Fiber look

Packaging Includes

  • One Integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y and all necessary wiring. 


Installation Guide

For your convenience, the PDF version of this installation guide is available here.

Tools you will need to complete the installation


Pry tool

Estimated Time: 1.5H

Installation Summary:

  • Step 1: Remove the side caps
  • Step 2: Remove the cover above the foot space on the passenger side
  • Step 3: Remove the original wire and install the HUD adapter
  • Step 4: Assemble your HUD
  • Step 5: Remove your OEM Dashboard cover
  • Step 6: Plug your HUD and arrange the wiring
  • Step 7: Assemble your HUD to your dashboard
  • Differences between 2021 Model 3 / Y installation and older models 

Step 1: Remove the side caps

Picture 1 

Picture 2

The first step consists in removing the 4 parts (picture above) that you will find on each side of your Tesla dashboard. 

  1. Remove the triangular looking plastic cap (see picture 3) with your pry tool. On Picture 4, you can see how it looks once removed. As you may see on picture 2, this part is connected to your dashboard by 3 little attachments. Please remove them one by one using your pry tool to avoid damaging the cap. Repeat this process for both sides of your dashboard.

  2. Now you can remove the upper small cap (see picture 3 and 4). On picture 5, you can see how it looks after removal. Repeat this process for both sides of your dashboard.


Picture 3   

Picture 4

Picture 5

Step 2: Remove the cover above the foot space on the passenger side 

  1. Remove the cover above the foot space of the passenger's seat (see picture 6). Use your screwdriver to remove the screw on the right side and your pry tool to remove the 2 plastic attachments. (See picture 7).

  2. From here, you will have to use your pry tool to remove the cover (See picture 8) in order to access the wires under it. Use your pry tool gently and pull the cover towards the seat in order to remove it. On picture 9, you can see how it looks once the cover has been removed.

  3. Remove the two plugs at the back of the lower cover and remove the small caps covering them as shown on picture 10 and 11.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Step 3: Remove the original wire and install the HUD adapter

Note: The 16pin plug indicated by the red arrow in picture 12 is the power supply plug, the 12Pin male plug indicated by the yellow arrow is the processor, and the 12Pin female plug indicated by the green arrow is the adapter plug (insert the original plug removed in step 2 from the on this adapter plug). 

Picture 12 

Connect the wiring with the original vehicle processor to form a connection.

  1.  Separate the gray white male and female plugs indicated by the arrow in Figure 13 (as shown in Figure 14) There is an anti-detaching buckle in the middle of the male end. When pulling out the plug, you need to press and hold the anti-detaching buckle to pull the plug out. In order to prevent any damage on your original wire, don’t use force, just make sure to press firmly the anti-detaching mechanism while pulling.

  2. The 12Pin male plug indicated by the red arrow in picture 15 is inserted into the position indicated by the red arrow in picture 17, and the yellow one in picture 16. The 12Pi male socket indicated by the colored arrow is inserted into the 12Pin female socket indicated by the yellow arrow in picture 15. On picture 17, you can see how it is supposed to be once this operation is done.

  3. Insert the unique 20pin male plug on the harness in picture 18 into the position indicated by the yellow arrow in picture 19. Picture 20 shows you how it looks once the process is completed.

Picture 13

Picture 14

 Note: When installing the wiring harness, pay attention to the direction of the plug and insert it correctly. Make sure that it stays in place to avoid  any loosening, Otherwise it may cause a malfunction of the central control panel display.


Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

Note: When installing the wiring harness, pay attention to the direction of the plug and make sure it is in place. Please avoid any loosening, otherwise, the product may not work or could get damaged. After completing the above steps, the remaining 16pin male and typ-a bus harness can be put aside.

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 20

Step 4: Assemble your Head’s Up Display

Let’s assemble the HUD as shown in picture 21 and 22, by using the two parts in picture 21 and the attaches in picture 2.

Note: We recommend you to wear gloves during the installation to prevent damaging the product or your Tesla.

Picture 21

Picture 22

  1. Assemble the two parts shown in picture 21 following the way shown in picture 23. To do so, please align the holes from the right part with the left piece and clip them together (as shown on picture 24)

  2. After completing the actions described above, turn the product over to make the front of the HUD face up as shown on picture 26 and clip the piece shown on picture 22.  After aligning the piece with the holes, press tightly. 

  3. After completing the actions described in B. you should get the result shown on picture 27. 


Picture 23

Picture 24

Picture 25

Picture 26

Now, turn the product over slightly, as shown in picture 28 and take out the Pb 3 * 8mm screw from the packing box and screw it into the position indicated by the red arrows in picture 28.

The position indicated shall be locked tightly and firmly. Please use only 4 screws provided in the packaging. Using screws not provided by TALSEM may cause irreversible damage to the product.

Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 29 shows that the fixing screw is tightened and locked.

Picture 30

Step 5: Remove Your OEM Dashboard Cover

  1. Lift the part indicated by the red arrow in picture 31 from left to right along the gap indicated by the green arrow. Then lift the part vertically 5cm-7cm from the lifting edge (gap edge), and extend four fingers into the part at the bottom. Then push the decorative panel to the horizontal direction with your fingertips, and then pull out the dashboard toward the decorative panel( The instrument decorative panel is fixed on the framework of the instrument assembly by 14 loading clamps.)

  2. Remove the spring clip indicated by the red arrow in picture 31 and install it in the same position as the instrument (as shown in picture 34),

Picture 31

Picture 32 shows what the dashboard looks like after the cover removal.

Note: In the process of removal, the buckle may be extruded inward, resulting in insufficient clamping force. The shrapnel should be slightly expanded outward before the clip is removed and installed into the buckle of the instrument.

Picture 33

Picture 34


Step 6: Plug your Head’s Up Display and arrange the wiring

Note: to complete this step, it is necessary to take protective measures to avoid product damage potentially caused by scratching the surface of your HUD.

  1. Insert the 16pin male plug (Ref picture 35 & picture 36) as indicated in picture 36, pay attention to the direction when inserting. Make sure that it is inserted in place and that the anti-dropping buckle works normally.

  2. After step A is done, check that the HUD On/Off function responds correctly.

  3. Once you have checked that the HUD displays function well by turning it on and off, it is time to arrange the wiring in order to be able to place your HUD properly on your dashboard and avoid any unnecessary gap and make sure that your HUD is attached firmly. Arrange the cable as shown on picture 37 and 38.

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 37

Picture 38


Step 7: Assemble your HUD to your dashboard

After arranging the cable as instructed in step 6, let’s install the HUD onto your dashboard as shown on picture 39 and 40. After checking that all the clips are aligned correctly, please press and tap the surface of your HUD panel against the edge of the steering wheel and the air conditioning. You should start from the driver side and move along to the front passenger side. Picture 41 and 42 show you the final product once the installation is completed!

Picture 39

Picture 40

Picture 41

Picture 42

Differences between 2021 Model 3 / Y and older models

Difference 1: The differences between the 2021 model 3/Y and older models are shown by the yellow arrow in picture 43. For 2020 model 3 /Y and before, the component indicated by the yellow arrow is detachable while for the 2021 Model 3/Y it is not. Therefore, it is unnecessary to try to remove them during installation. 

Picture 43

Difference 2: The second difference between the 2021 Model 3/Y and older models is shown by the green arrow in picture 44. The clips to attach your HUD to your dashboard are different. The green arrow on picture 44 shows how the clips look like on the Model 3/Y from 2020 and before while picture 45 shows you how the clips are designed on Model 3/Y from 2021.

Picture 44

Picture 45

Now let’s take a look at what these differences mean during the installation process. 

Difference 1: Installation Method

If you are installing the HUD on a 20211 Model 3/Y, it is not necessary to remove the parts indicated by the yellow arrow in picture 46. 

The parts can be directly clipped to your HUD trim panel via its connectors as shown by the green arrow in picture 47.

Picture 46

Picture 47

Difference 2: Installation Method

If you are installing your HUD on a 2021 Model 3/Y, it is necessary to remove the two screws of the components indicated by the yellow arrow in picture 48. Then, remove the interchangeable plastic clips installed on the product (6 in total), and then find the components shown in picture 49 inside the packaging box of your HUD to replace them. 

Picture 48

Picture 49


Why do I need the integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y when I already have the center console display?

We are coming up with a brand new system that gives you the information you need without ever removing your eyes from the road. Unlike other HUDs, ours is completely integrated and keeps the look on your Tesla's dashboard.

What sort of information can this HUD show?

This integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y can show all the information you’ll ever need when driving. Here is some of the real-time driving information it can show the display:

  • Vehicle speed, 
  • Temperature,
  • Gear position, 
  • Remaining range,
  • Turning light,
  • Gear position,
  • High and low beam,
  • Driving distance, and more

It can also show vehicle status information, including:

  • Car lights
  • Door opened or closed
  • Tire pressure, and more 

How good is the display?

The integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y comes with a best-in-class 10.25 inch HD display with a crisp 1920* 720-pixel resolution. Instead of a cheaper and more conventional TFT screen, it uses the latest IPS technology to offer you the best glare-free display.

Since this display will be in front of you all the time, we have also taken steps to ensure no damage is done to your eyes. We have got a built-in blue-light filter in the screen to make the colors softer and easier on the eyes, helping you avoid eye fatigue and damage in the long run.

The display also automatically adjusts its brightness level, so it’s never too bright or too dim. Moreover, the advanced IPS technology eliminates any screen flickering, so your eyes get tired less, and lets you enjoy a more comfortable viewing.

Can I use the integrated head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 and Y with Tesla Model S or X?

We developed our integrated Head's up display (HUD) specifically for the Tesla Model 3 and Y in order to provide the best fit and performance possible. Due to the difference in-dash sizes and wiring systems, other Tesla models will not fit.

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