19 inch Gemini wheel cover for Tesla model Y Exterior TALSEM Matte black
Tesla Model Y 19-Inch Gemini Wheel Cover Set (4 Pieces) Exterior TALSEM
19 inch Gemini wheel cover for Tesla model Y Exterior TALSEM Black
Tesla Model Y 19-Inch Gemini Wheel Cover Set (4 Pieces) Exterior TALSEM
19 Inch Gemini wheel cover for Tesla model Y Exterior TALSEM Carbon black
Tesla Model Y 19-Inch Gemini Wheel Cover Set (4 Pieces) Exterior TALSEM
Tesla Model Y 19-Inch Gemini Wheel Cover Set (4 Pieces) Exterior TALSEM Carbon fiber

Tesla Model Y 19-Inch Premium Wheel Cover Set (4 Pieces)

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This 19 inch Gemini wheel cover for Tesla Model Y comes with a sleek design that transforms your Model Y from the norm to the ultimate in aerodynamic performance. Your Model Y is already one of the most advanced vehicles in existence. These Gemini wheel covers will add an extra layer of style and performance to make it stand out from the rest.

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Make Your Tesla The Most Unique On The Road

Surely, you don't want to drive around with common wheels on such a beautiful car. It's time to stand out with our 19-inch Premium wheel covers for Tesla Model Y.

Aerodynamic and stylish, the Premium wheel cover will turn your Model Y into a head-turner. These 19-inch covers provide a sleek, modern aesthetic that matches the styling of the Model Y perfectly. Available in seven gorgeous colors, this custom-made cover is perfect for getting the attention you deserve.

Improved Performance

The Tesla Model Y 19 inch Premium wheel cover is a one of a kind product designed to maximize your car's capability on a budget. 

This high-quality aerodynamic exterior accessory is designed to fit the wheels of your vehicle perfectly, delivering great performance and versatility. When installed, this aerodynamic wheel cover increases downforce at high speeds while reducing drag. 

Moreover, it can help reduce rolling resistance and increase miles per kilowatt-hour by one to four percent!

Built To Last & Protect

This unique, high-quality wheel cover is made using a digitally-controlled machine to ensure a perfect fit for every wheel. Their unique three-dimensional design is carefully matched with the contours of your Tesla Model Y's wheels, protecting the rims from scratches and damage caused by regular driving.

Made with high hardness and temperature resistance thermoplastic materials, these covers can last for a long time and won't lose their color! Moreover, our covers are lightweight for easy installation with no special tools required - just snap them on or pull them off in seconds!



Packaging Includes

  • A full set of 19 Inch Premium wheel cover for Tesla Model Y (4 pieces)

 Note: center caps for the wheel cover are all in Matte Black without logo



  • ABS


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model Y


What makes this wheel cover a must-have accessory for my Tesla?

This 19 Inch wheel cover dresses up your Tesla Model Y in a sporty style that will make you stand out from the crowd. Guaranteed to garner plenty of envious glances from other Tesla owners near you! The product also gives the illusion of a larger wheel look while maximizing the aerodynamic efficiency of your car. As a result, they produce more downforce at high speeds while creating less drag. You’ll love the easy installation, multiple color options, and attention to detail. 

Your Tesla Model Y tells a story, so make sure it is the right one with our Premium Wheel Cover!

Does the Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y affect my range?

Not at all! Instead, these 19 Inch Premium Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y will reduce turbulence and wind resistance, and even improve the range by up to 4%!

Is this aftermarket wheel cover be compatible with my Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model X?

Unfortunately, the 19-Inch Premium Wheel Cover For Tesla Model Y won’t work with any other Tesla than Tesla Model Y. We have designed it specifically for Model Y, so it won’t fit well with other Tesla Models.

Do I need special tools or skills to install the Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y?

Not at all! Installing the 19-Inch Premium Wheel Cover For Tesla Model Y on your car is a relatively straightforward process. In fact, you won't need any special tools or professional help to install this aerodynamic wheel cover since it can be popped on and off. Using the tire valve stem as an alignment point is the best method for fitting the wheel cover to the wheel. After aligning, installing the cover is as easy as depressing it onto the wheel. To take it off, simply grab each side of any spoke and pull away from the wheel.

Since the Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y does not use any screws to hold it in place, is there any risk of it falling off the wheels?

Absolutely not! The 19 Inch Premium Wheel Cover For Tesla Model Y uses a snap-lock mechanism to grab onto the wheel spokes. When you depress it onto the wheel, multiple clips will latch onto each individual wheel spoke. So there is no chance of it coming out when you are driving the car. You can only take it out by pulling on the sides of the spokes one by one.

Does the Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y fit right-hand drive Tesla Model Y models?

Yes, it does! You can fit this  Premium Wheel Cover on both left-hand drive and right-hand drive models.

I want to switch to a different colored Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y. How long will it take to swap them?

It’s a great idea to switch up your wheel covers, giving your car a fresh new look whenever you want! It's also simple and easy to replace, and both the stock hub and our Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch Model Y kit can be taken off and fitted in just a few minutes. No special tools or knowledge are required!

How do I store the Premium Wheel Cover 19 inch for Model Y when I am not using them?

We recommend that you store the wheel covers away from direct sunlight and in a cool, humidity-free area to keep them in tip-top condition. Some people tend to just throw them in the back of the car, but that will cause them to collect dust and get scratched. A better option would be to get a storage bag to carry the spare wheel cover, and then store it in your car to have them available for whenever you want to put them on or go on a trip!

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