Tesla's Free Trial Offer Brings Music To Our Ears

Tesla's Free Trial Offer Brings Music To Our Ears

Some of the recent Tesla software updates have included enhancements to Sirius XM, with the newest one published on the 17 August in Version 2020.32.2. The improvements to Sirius XM allows easier usability and discovery of stations, enhanced categorization of content, and enriched overall navigation experience. The latest update only applies to the Model S and Model X vehicles since Model 3 and Model Y vehicles are not equipped with an XM receiver or antenna.

Now, Tesla is rolling out a free trial subscription for three months in a bid to get further customer feedback and end-user testing. Tesla is pushing to make its entertainment system more feature-rich using Sirius XM, one of the most popular satellite radio stations in the US. Sirius XM broadcasts commercial-free music, the latest sports, news, and talk and gives consumers 24/7 access from the car, home, office, computer, and smart devices.

So this new trial offer is likely to please Tesla Model S and X owners who get to be early adopters and testers of its newest features. Tesla announced its new offer earlier this week saying the update will automatically be pushed to the vehicle based on location and vehicle configuration. Furthermore, The trial subscription is only available to Model S or Model X vehicles that do not have an existing SiriusXM subscription.

“Beginning now, enjoy a free, All Access three-month trial subscription to SirusXM, plus a completely new look and improved functionality.

Our latest over-the-air software update includes significant improvements to overall SiriusXM navigation, organization and search features, including access to more than 150 satellite channels.

To access, simply tap the SirusXM app from the ‘Music’ section of your in-car center touchscreen – or enjoy your subscription online, on your phone or at home on connected devices. If you’t hear SiriusXM channels in your car, select the SiriusXM ‘Subscription’ tab for instructions on how to refresh your radio.”

It listed the key features also available in the three-month trial:

  • Accessibility: To access, tap the SiriusXM app in the ‘Music’ section on your touchscreen.
  • Search: Browse through different categories of channels including Music, Sports, News, and Talk.
  • Channel Suggestions: View suggested channels based on what you are currently listening to through your touchscreen.
  • Favorites: Access your saved channels through the ‘Favorites’ section in your SiriusXM app or add additional favorites by tapping the star while listening to a channel.

Sirius XM improvements have been in development for a while now, which included optimizations to the Model S and X Sirius XM interface. The source code of Sirius XM updates showed that Tesla will be rolling this out to other regions as well like Canada. Sirius XM is a fashionable feature that up to now is exclusive to the Tesla Model S and X. Surprisingly, Tesla’s most popular vehicle, the Model 3, has not yet been updated with Sirius XM but as it becomes widely adopted by users, it seems very possible that the Model 3 will get the Sirius XM integration sometime in the future. Model 3 will appreciate this as they currently have to use their smartphones or alternative solutions to access to satellite radio services.

The latest push for the free three-month trial indicates Tesla is wanting to make rapid progress in its entertainment-apps and offering to Tesla owners. While we may think having Sirius XM, Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are minor additions when comparing innovative functions like Autopilot and Smart Summon, they do in fact round off the Tesla experience. Sirius XM seems an obvious choice for the EV giant’s next-generation vehicles. We would definitely expect to see this as part of the Cybertruck and Semi configurations.