Tesla's Exciting New Software Updates

Tesla's Exciting New Software Updates

Tesla officially published its new software update 2020.32.1 that offers nifty features for Tesla owners. In accordance with Tesla policy, the updates are model- and region-specific and they will be gradually pushed out to the Tesla fleet. Let’s take a look at some of the updates included in the latest release.


Tesla Powerwall Coordination

Related to Offgrid Charging Supported for Model S, 3, Y, X

Although this update was released in April 2020, it was limited to some vehicles but now available for all models. Tesla electric vehicle can coordinate with the Tesla Powerwall for enhanced charging during a power outage and without exceeding the power capabilities of the Powerwall system. Powerwall continuously responds to the changing power needs of the home and will slow or stop the car's charging to keep the home load powered. You can use the Tesla mobile app to manage thresholds for balancing the home and car energy needs.

Dynamic Brake Lights

For Model S and X

When driving over 50 km/h (31 mph) and brakes are forcefully applied, the brake lights will quickly flash quickly to warn other drivers that the car is rapidly slowing down. If the car comes to a dead stop, the hazard warning lights will flash until the accelerator is pressed or the hazard warning lights button is manually turned off.

Car Left Open Notifications

Related to Sunroof, Trunks, Doors, and Windows for Model S, 3, Y, X

As a default, you will now receive mobile notifications if the back or front trunk or any car is left open for more than ten minutes. When the doors and trunks are locked, you will receive a notification if any windows or the sunroof is left open for more than ten minutes. You can personalize the time limit by changing the settings in the Controls > Locks panel.

Suspension Improvements

Related to Adaptive Air for Model S and X

A real-time visualization is now available showing how the suspension system is dynamically adjusting each wheel’s damping to account for changing road conditions. Simply tap the option, Show Suspension Data for real-time information. An advanced setting is also included to adjust levels of Ride Comfort and Handling in addition to the existing Comfort, Auto, and Sport settings.

The suspension control logic has been simplified to support temporary and permanent heights depending on the road and weather conditions. The suspension system can now automatically adjust between Standard and Low ride heights to optimize ride comfort and range, depending on road type.

Notifications History

For Model S, 3, Y and X

You can now easily review current and past notifications by tapping Controls > Service > Notifications. For selected notifications where additional information is provided in the Owner’s Manual (indicated by a >), you can tap on the notification to view.

Third-Party Charging Stations

For Model 3, S and X 

When charging at a third-party CCS Combo 2 charging station, the charge port will now automatically unlatch once charging has stopped and your car is unlocked to allow easy removal of the charge cable.

Supercharger Improvements

Related to Battery ID 93 and 250kw Supercharging for Model S and X 

Although this is only available in China, the update allows the car to charge at V3 Superchargers at up to 250kW peak rates. When navigating to a Supercharger, the car conditions the battery during the drive, so it can charge faster.

Close Windows on Lock

Related to Windows for Model 3 and Y

You can now enable your electric vehicle to automatically roll up the windows after the car is locked.

For more information on how to apply Tesla’s software updates, see the support section on the Tesla website.