Tesla China is Searching for 1,000 More Employees for Increased Vehicle Production

Tesla China is Searching for 1,000 More Employees for Increased Vehicle Production

Tesla is looking for 1,000 new employees for Giga Shanghai.

The Chinese factory is working at its full capacity, but they’re also preparing the extended facility specialized for the production of Model Y.

The Chinese market is the largest automotive market in the world. According to this, Tesla is ramping up car production and needs the help of a thousand more workers.

Besides the workers, Tesla is also searching for a car designer for Giga Shanghai, who will design the new car models that the Chinese factory will produce in the future.

Tesla is looking for 600 workers that will do painting, stamping, bodywork, and assembly facilities at the massive Shanghai factory.

For quality checks, Tesla needs to hire 150 people, while 200 more for transport and logistics, and 20 as security.

The job postings by Tesla China showed up on their We Chat account, but, curiously, they are looking for a designer, and that has never happened before. We don’t know how many designers is the company looking for yet.

The recent job offers at Giga Shanghai come as a logical answer to the increase in Model Y production, which is why they’re building the extended facility.

The manufacturing of Model Y will start in 2021, although there were some early expectations for the end of this year.

The only Tesla vehicle produced in China so far is Model 3, and since January this year, they’ve been releasing 4,000 vehicles per week.

Tesla owns 23% of the electric vehicle market shares in China as of this June, which is a success that no other company has ever done. During one month, Tesla sells an average of 14,954 cars in China.

By employing car designers for the new models, Tesla is aiming to satisfy the local market by offering locally-inspired designs.

Chinese style vehicles that meet the needs of the people of this country are the next goal of Tesla, so the EV fans can’t wait to see how are the new cars going to look like.

Giga Shanghai already has 3,200 employees, and with the new 1,000, this factory will turn into an unstoppable car giant.

Thanks to the loyal Tesla followers in the country, the company will extend its production and eventually take over even more shares of the world’s largest automotive market.

Elon Musk is also planning to open and design and research center in China that will pulse the creation of China-style vehicles.

Once again, Tesla’s CEO is teaching the world a business lesson.

What matters the most is that not only his cars are eco-friendly but also the way they are made.