Can Ford Beat Tesla with Giga Texas in Production

Can Ford Beat Tesla with Giga Texas in Production

Ford has a bold goal of surpassing Tesla's global electric vehicle sales by 2026. Over the next four years, the  companyplans to increase the amount of electric vehicles it produces. Ford established a $50 billion plan to boost sales with Tesla, the leader in the EV industry, squarely in mind. Ford is the newest automotive company to go after Tesla’s spot, and it has worked hard to shift more than one-third of all the vehicles it sells worldwide to battery power.

Ford claims that rather than building a big lineup of electric vehicles, it will initially concentrate on four core models before beginning another development phase. With the F-150 Lightning pickup truck in the US, the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV for international markets, and the E-Transit electric van for commercial use, Ford has begun its electric vehicle deployment. In the upcoming years, a fourth important electric vehicle will also enter the Ford lineup globally, but the specifics of that model are now classified.

John Lawler, the company's chief financial officer, responded to a question on whether Ford might surpass Tesla in electric vehicle sales globally when speaking to a gathering of foreign reporters in Detroit. He said that Ford needs to respect that there is one profitable EV company that produces vehicles at scale that have considerable profit margins.

Clearly, referring to Tesla.

By the end of 2023, Ford expects to sell 600,000 electric cars, and by the end of 2026, two million. Lawler contends that before considering the possibility of passing Tesla, the firm must first achieve these two goals. Ford lauds Tesla's capacity to create simple vehicles and fully utilize assembly line output in order to supply EVs with little labor costs. As a result, it is extremely competitive for all EV manufacturers.

Ford has been hiring like crazy, bringing on former top executives from rival tech titans. Alan Clarke served as Tesla's chief engineer for more than ten years, and Doug Field worked for Tesla, Apple, and Segway before both joining Ford.

Giga Texas Gets to Celebrate

As it increases up production, Tesla revealed that its Gigafactory Texas plant has created its 10,000th Model Y electric SUV. Within the following year, it is anticipated that the Gigafactories in Texas and Berlin would roughly treble Tesla's production capacity. In April 2022, the Gigafactory near Austin began operating at the location. On its way to far bigger volume, the company published a photo from the celebration of the modest but significant milestone.


"10,000 Model Ys built at Giga Texas to date"

For comparison, the Fremont Factory produced 2 million units in July and the Giga Shanghai facility 1 million in August. Additionally ramping up is the Giga Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany, which has been producing more than 1,000 Model Ys each week since June. In total, Tesla has expanded its installed capacity to produce 1.9 million BEVs annually (as of the end of June). The business is anticipated to develop and sell more over 350,000 electric vehicles (globally) in Q3 based on the most recent projections and estimates.

Long-term production of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck at the Tesla Giga Texas plant is also anticipated to begin in 2023, however this is not yet confirmed. The location is unknown, but the Tesla Semi is expected to go into production by end of this year. While Tesla considerably increased production at the facility in June, it also began to build Model Y cars using the outdated battery architecture, which uses 2170 cells. At the Gigafactory Texas, structural battery packs were seen being stacked by Tesla, indicating a potential increase in Model Ys with structural packs.