Your Tesla Model X Buying Guide

Your Tesla Model X Buying Guide

Since 2016, Tesla has been producing the Model X, which is the company's second mass-produced vehicle. The automobile underwent relatively few substantial alterations prior to the major redesign in 2021. They mostly consisted of bigger batteries, updated MCUs, and motor adjustments.


Deliveries to the US, Canada, and Mexico have all begun, and while there may be a wait for custom orders, new inventory cars are beginning to show up and are available if you are flexible regarding color. If you can look past the exterior, the new BMW iX is the only car in this price range that can compete in terms of comfort and luxury.

Significant changes

The Tesla Model X 2021 upgrade concentrated mostly on the interior and changes to the drivetrain, even though the chassis remained unchanged. Over the course of the car's life, the Model X had a lot of running model revisions to remedy design flaws, but relatively few important ones.

The MCU update in 2018 was the first significant modification. Although these functions also got better with improvements to the autopilot hardware, the new MCU was substantially faster in operation and opened some capabilities like sentry mode and dashcam.

Currently, you can order a Model X Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive and the Model X Plaid Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive. But what makes the Model X truly unique are its doors. The Model X offers the greatest functionality. Front doors automatically open and close, Falcon Wing doors make loading easier, and a typical trailer hitch lets you tow your belongings wherever you go.

Tesla Model X Interior - 2016 


Tesla Model X Interior - 2021

New or used?

Avoid the first Model X vehicles, especially those with the lowest batteries, as their range is rather constrained, and instead choose for a Model Y instead, unless you require the 6 or 7 adult seat configuration. We anticipate some depreciation of the used market, which is now quite high, in those nations that have access to new automobiles now that the new Model X is in production.

The upgraded 2021 Model X has already begun to leave the factory, with Canada likely following soon after. Given the robust residuals of used Model X, we believe it will be worthwhile to attempt to purchase a new vehicle, if possible. It may be worthwhile to keep a check on our inventory pages for when the MS 2021 inventory cars first arrive, particularly around quarter end.

Battery size and range

Tesla once sold a 60, 75, and 90 kwh battery before switching to a 75 and 100 kwh battery and eventually discontinuing the 75 battery. The 75 battery has a limited range, particularly in the winter, so if you want to go more than 150 miles in a day or live in a cold climate, it is suggested to look at the 100/long range battery.


All cars come equipped with the Tesla system, except for very early Model X vehicles. If Tesla hardware is used, the amount of autopilot functions is more closely related to the software option selected than the hardware.

If you desire Full Self-driving capability, it can be more cost-effective to find a car with that level of option already acquired when looking at used automobiles because used pricing do not reflect the cost of the option. The upgrade can, however, be paid for after the sale if you locate an otherwise great automobile at the right price.

Free Supercharging

Up until April 2017, the Model X offered unlimited free supercharging for the duration of the vehicle. After that, the benefit was limited to the initial owner of a vehicle and finally eliminated for new registrations. In July 2019, things changed once more, and cars that had free supercharging for the life of the vehicle are no longer eligible for it when they pass through Tesla's hands, such as when they are taken in as part exchanges or returned at the end of a finance agreement, even if Tesla later sells the vehicle to the market. Free supercharging would be kept in the event of a private transaction that was never processed by Tesla.

To determine if the free supercharging has been maintained or has been withdrawn, carefully examine the details of any secondhand car to understand its history of ownership. The bulk of options in a Tesla are most easily understood while seated in the driver's seat. After that, you can proceed with the next steps to find out what the car has and doesn't have.

Seating Options

The new Model X is available with 5, 6, and 7 seats. The least common and least expensive vehicle is the five-seater. The 6-seat variant is thought to be the most comfortable because it has a second and third row of individual seats that are electrically adjustable. The 3-row HVAC system for the 6 and 7-seater provides heating and cooling. The third row of seats in the 6-seater can be folded flat, however the second row cannot. This is a well-liked choice that costs more than the 5-seat model. The second and third rows of seats in the 7-seat configuration can be folded flat. Although some claim that the manual movement of the seats, rather than their motorized counterparts, renders them a little harder to use.


Two manufacturer warranties are included with Model X vehicles. One had a warranty that covered the battery and motor for 8 years and unlimited miles, but it changed to a mileage-restricted warranty at the start of 2020. The replacement warranty for vehicles manufactured after 2020 offered a maximum degradation threshold, whereas the earlier warranty offered no performance guarantee and was essentially a failure warranty. The second warranty is the all-inclusive general auto warranty. the sooner of four years or fifty thousand kilometers.

Search and Compare

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