6 Eye-Catching Motorbikes for Electric Enthusiasts

6 Eye-Catching Motorbikes for Electric Enthusiasts

Electric two-wheelers should be considered as alternatives to cars for individuals living and working in more metropolitan locations. The purchase price is obviously the biggest obstacle, but keep in mind that charging an electric bike or scooter at home won't significantly increase your monthly electricity bill, and you won't have to worry about maintenance costs beyond replacing brakes and tires. Electric motorcycles haven't a thing for Tesla as the company continues to focus on cars. However, with the likes of BMW, there are so manufacturers that focus on manufacturing both bikes and cars.

Strangely though, motorbikes tend to be excluded from all discussions of decreasing emissions, yet even the most powerful superbikes release roughly as much CO2 as a mid-range hatchback. So, for those that take their two-wheeler experience seriously, here are some picks from a relatively extensive list of electric motorbikes available today:

Energica Experia

When someone mentions electric motorcycles, it's simple to imagine the fun being cut short by a dead battery. Touring motorcycles have been a logistical challenge because you need to fit a big heavy battery into a compact space. But for an electric motorcycle, the Energica Experia has been to places other motorcycles haven't dared. With up to 261 miles (420 km) of city driving on a single charge, it boasts the most extended stated range of any production motorbike on the market. The Energica Experia boasts a lovely aerodynamic flair together with excellent overall stance and handling. The best electric motorcycle currently on the market, without a doubt.


BMW is one automobile manufacturer with a track record of designing cutting-edge electrified models to the market. The German manufacturer has been redesigning the transport industry with new platforms for years and now BMW is boosting its EV design range, including motorbikes. A typical motorcycle is not the BMW CE 04 at all. You might compare it to a jet ski because of its low-slung design and extended bench seat. But it is not at all the case. In actuality, it is powered by a thin battery pack and a small, strong motor. This gives you plenty of space for two passengers or additional luggage, as well as a spacious storage area that makes practical everyday use simple.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire/LiveWire One

The LiveWire is one of the priciest electric bikes around, but the Harley-Davidson brand is one that many are familiar with. The LiveWire has the most range here with the biggest battery. Harley spent years tinkering with the bike to balance range and power. In late 2021, it dropped the HD bar and shield and changed its name to LiveWire One, becoming the first product under the new LiveWire sub-brand. This E-bike has a reported range of 235km.

Lightning LS-218

Some electric motorcycles are designed for off-road routes or city streets. However, there is one thing that the Lightning LS-218 craves above all else. The open highway. Although the Voxan Wattman is the fastest motorcycle, it cannot be used on public streets. The LS-218 can glide through the tarmac silently and go at quite a speed of 218 mph or more. This powerful E motorbike costs more than ordinary bikes, yet it has every right to do so. Its stunning design showcases the best in sports bike aesthetics, and its top speed, acceleration, and range are currently unmatched.

Cake Kalk

Although the Kalk is primarily a trail bike, it may also be equipped with the necessary components for road use. The Kalk, a performance bike from Swedish manufacturer Cake, trades off range for minimal weight and a tonne of torque at the back wheels due to a big rear sprocket. The Kalk is a trail bike, so its top speed is restricted, and its range is relatively limited compared to the other options available, but its overall weight of 83 kg is rather remarkable. It moves as well, and you can increase the thrust by getting a larger sprocket. It was originally designed as an off-road-only model, but recent enhancements allow street-legal use; in the US and the EU, it is registered as a 125cc bike.

The Cake Kalk INK is the ideal option if you want something that isn't nearly a full-size motorcycle but also isn't as little as an electric bicycle. Although it is small and agile, it can nevertheless offer some power when needed.

Sur Ron

Sur Ron has learned how to use a motorcycle with a rear-wheel torque of more than 500Nm. Another off-road-oriented vehicle is the Sur Ron Storm Bee, which is offered in MX and Enduro versions. Although it's tough to pinpoint the precise distinctions, both are available with LED lights, indicators, and mirrors for legal road use. Despite having a touch more weight than the Kalk, the Chinese manufacturer has outdone itself when it comes to torque, with 520Nm at the back wheel.