Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
Head-Up Display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Interior TALSEM
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    Tesla Model 3/Y Head-Up Display (HUD)


      For the added safety of you and your passengers, our Tesla Heads Up Display ensures you keep focused on the road without having to check the vehicle’s dashboard. This practical accessory keeps the car’s current speed and battery status in clear view while also providing a cool feature as a visible display.

      Safety First

      Many Tesla owners would like to have a HUD featured in the car by default. As it is not in Tesla’s plans yet, we decided to offer an affordable and efficient solution. Tesla drivers often have a hard time getting comfortable with looking on the side to check their speed on the screen. This movement takes a longer time and takes your eyes from a part of the road. If this is what you experienced, our heads up display will be a great solution for you.  Our heads up display has been designed with safety in mind, focusing on the 2 metrics that matter the most while driving: Battery status and speed.

      Real Time Data

      Our HUD connects directly to the can bus (Control Area Network) of your Model 3 and Model y, providing real time data, identical to the ones displayed by your dashboard screen. 

      Easily readable under any lighting conditions

      The information on the HUD can be easily read under sunny weather, bright lights or night time. You can still use it while you are wearing sunglasses

      PRO TIP: If you don’t like cables floating in your car, especially on your dashboard, follow our detailed installation guideline to set it up like a pro.

      Installation & Tips:

      While the installation is not complicated, if you want to make a clean, durable installation, it will take around 30min to 45min. We recommend to use a pry tool (not included). It can be easily found on Amazon or any DIY store. As lot of Tesla parts are attached with clips, having a trim removal tool is a must have to install Tesla accessories. 

      1. First, head to the back of your car. We are going to remove the plastic piece at the back of your center console, where the armrest is. This cover is just held by clips therefore you can easily remove it with your ply tool.
      2. Now we are going to disconnect the plug and intercept it, using our heads up display connector in order to access the can bus data. Once again, you can pull out the plug using your trim.
      3. Then tuck the connector cables inside of the center console.
      4. We are now going to route the cable connection to the HUD from here, all the way to the front of the car. We will go through the side panel of the center console, behind the accelerator and finally up to the dashboard.
      5. Use your pry tool to remove the carpet area attached to your center console by clips.
      6. Pass the cable throughout the area and release it at the end, near the accelerator pedal.
      7. Now, let’s route the cable behind the pedals, under the dashboard. First, remove the push pen holding the plastic cover. Very important, be careful to route the cable where it doesn’t interfere with the brake pedal travel.
      8. Now it is time to remove the plastic cover between the door and the dashboard. It is also simply attached with clips, you can use your pry tools or your hands.
      9. It is a good time to check where you want to position your HUD on the dashboard. Once you found the right spot, you can hide the excess of cables in the hole between the door and dashboard and put back the plastic cover.
      10. There is a groove along your dashboard, you can tuck the cable in it. However, this won’t be enough to hold the cable in place. We recommend to use double sided tape. Now you can fix your heads up display and go for a ride!   


      Compatible with Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3.