Useful Tips for Operating Your Tesla

Useful Tips for Operating Your Tesla

Keep music playing after closing the Tesla's doors

Sometimes all we want to do is play music in the open air. However, it turns out that leaving music on after departing your Tesla isn't as simple as it appears. Using Tesla's Camp Mode is the simplest way to keep music playing.

The music usually stops playing after you exit the car and close the doors. There are times, however, when you want the music to keep playing. Maybe you're outside with your Tesla and want to keep yourself engaged, or maybe you're washing your car in the driveway.

There are a few options, but it turns out that putting your car into Camp mode is the simplest. Simply tap the HVAC icon on the right and select 'Camp.'


Send Directions From Your Phone

You can send destination addresses from your phone to your automobile instead of searching them up on your phone and then in your car. Share any address or map location you come across with the Tesla app, and it will provide that waypoint to your car's navigation system. The directions will be waiting for you the next time you get in your automobile.

Safety for Young Drivers

Limiting the car's top speed is a beneficial tool for novice adolescent drivers or anyone else using the car. Simply select Controls from the Tesla smartphone app. In the Location area, you can also check the car's current speed and location.

Adjust seat heaters while watching Netflix

So you're lounging at a Supercharger while watching Netflix and taking advantage of your premium connectivity. You suddenly realise you need to control something in the automobile, which requires you to close Netflix, execute the function you require, and then reopen Netflix.

Sure, you can modify the volume, change the screen brightness, or change the cabin temperature by tapping the top of the movie, but what if you want to turn on your seat heater, open the trunk, or see how much you've already charged?

Many functions can be performed without disrupting your TV or movie by simply pulling out your phone and using the Tesla app. You can control your seat heating, lock the car, alter the temperature, and check your charge level all from the app, without having to leave your favourite programme.

Although using voice commands would be a terrific alternative, when watching a movie, voice commands are disabled.

Using the Emergency Brake

This is not Tesla's built-in Collision Avoidance - it is an Emergency Braking feature. When parking on a slope or other steep incline, or if your brake pedal fails while driving, you can activate this Emergency Brake.

When parking on a hill, as with other cars, it's a good idea to turn your steering wheel so that if your car rolls, it does so away from traffic rather than into it. It is also recommended that you activate your Emergency Brake. The back wheels of your car are stopped from turning when you put it in Park. On snow and ice, especially on an incline, that might not be enough. You put your car in Park when you push on the end of the PRND stock.

If you press and hold, the Emergency Brakes will engage, making it considerably more difficult for your car to roll. The ((P)) icon will appear when the Emergency Brakes are deployed. When you're ready to drive, simply put the car in "R" or "D" as usual.

One USB drive for Sentry/Dashcam, Music and Boombox

There's no need for several USB discs for each feature. You can format your USB drive to have many partitions, allowing it to function as multiple drives. For each feature, you'll want to make a separate partition.