Tesla's 5-Seater Model X Is Here!

Tesla's 5-Seater Model X Is Here!

The five-seat model of Tesla's new Model X has begun deliveries, adding a bit more variation to the flagship all-electric SUV's seating options. Due to their practicality, five-seat Model X variations are particularly popular, as they exploit the vehicle's huge rear luggage room. Unlike the Model X's six and seven-seat interior options, the Model X's five-seat interior is likewise free of charge.

The Tesla Motors Club received the first reports of the Model X's five-seat deliveries this weekend, with a member who received the vehicle confirming numerous changes in the revised premium SUV's interior. The revised Model X has 60/40 split rear seats, similar to prior five-seat Model X units, with the bigger seats on the driver's side.

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Unlike the newly redesigned Model S, which has wireless charging for the back passengers. Wireless charging is not available in the second row of the new Model X. This is unsurprising given the vehicle's seating arrangement, however it is a noteworthy change from its flagship sedan sibling's interior. The coat hangers behind the second-row seat of the Model X were also photographed and published.

Image credit: 209Driver

Tesla appears to be open to increasing the seating options for its flagship all-electric SUV once further, with deliveries of the five-seat Model X now underway. With this in mind, it wouldn't be shocking if Tesla expanded the Model X Plaid's seating options.

Until now, Tesla has only offered the Model X Plaid as a six-seater. However, now that delivery of the five-seater Model X have begun, Tesla should be able to give the Plaid the vehicle's base cabin as well. Because the six-seat interior is advertised as a $6,500 upgrade in the company's car configurator, offering a five-seat Model X Plaid option could help make the monster all-electric SUV more accessible.

Interestingly enough, Tesla has already shown a Model X Plaid with a seven-seat cabin. The business debuted its redesigned Model S and Model X at a press event in Taiwan. The Tesla Model X that was delivered to the ceremony was a Plaid variation with a seven-seat cabin. The vehicle garnered positive feedback from EV owners, since the Model X Plaid's seven-seat cabin makes it more practical, which is a nice bonus for buyers who are buying a 1,020 horsepower SUV.


Getting Involved with Tesla Clubs

There are Tesla clubs the world over that comprise of Tesla owners and enthusiasts dedicated to helping Tesla achieve its goal of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. Members support campaigns, provide test drives, volunteer at exhibits, educate new and prospective owners, host social events, and enthusiastically suggest friends and family to learn more about Tesla ownership.


In other news…

  • COVID-19: Tesla paused production at its Shanghai factory for two days last week as the country-imposed restrictions in response to the current outbreak of COVID-19. Last month, Gigafactory 3 delivered 56,515 vehicles, of which 33,315 were exported, according to the China Passenger Car Association. Last month, the factory exported about 60% of the vehicles it produced; if the Chinese government imposes additional restrictions, the supply chain and Tesla's stock could be disrupted.

  • Inflation: Although news of inflation and rising global prices, there is a view of optimism. Inflation is wreaking havoc on the electric vehicle supply chain, as the cost of metals used in batteries rises. But it's not all terrible news. Inflationary pressure will force EV manufacturers to innovate more quickly. In the long run, this will result in EVs being less expensive. So, this could be a blessing in disguise. Tough times force industries to find alternatives that could bring good results!