Tesla Stops the Production of Model Y Standard Range

Tesla Stops the Production of Model Y Standard Range

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced over the weekend that they will stop the production of Model Y Standard Range. Instead, they will replace it with Long Range RWD, a model that Mr. Musk claims will have a range much higher than 300 miles per charge.

With this statement, it’s clear that Tesla’s new standards are focusing on creating Long Range versions of their cars.

When the Standard Range type of Model Y was first unveiled by Mr. Musk, the vehicle had a range of 230 miles per charge, which is more than enough for everyday life use. Thanks to the extensive Supercharger Network across the US, this model is even suitable for lengthy trips, having the passengers at peace.

However, according to Tesla’s boss, the Standard Range version of the Model Y’s range is unacceptably low, although other car industries that are entering the electric vehicle world are mostly producing cars that offer 200 EPA miles.

There are cases like Ford Mustang Mach-E, targeting an EPA range of 300 miles per charge, but so far, none of it came true, and it remains a target. Among the other promising EV that aim to a higher EPA range is also the Porsche Taycan, announcing 300 miles per charge. Despite their prime goals, the official EPA range of this vehicle is only 203 miles per charge.

Tesla’s decision to withdraw the Standard Range version of the Model Y is most likely a way to show that this car company is way above all the other automotive industries, at least for range.

Lately, Tesla’s vehicles’ key theme is the extended EPA range. The Raven Model S Long Range AWD is skyrocketing 400 miles per charge, a number that other car companies can only envy. The improvement of Tesla’s battery technology is also in progress. It means that we can expect even more outstanding vehicles, following the example of the Plaid series Model S and Model X.

The retirement of the Model Y Standard Range is also a way for the company to make sure that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus remains as the entry level for Tesla vehicles.

The Model Y Standard Range had a price of $39,000 while the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is only $37,990.