Tesla Model 3 Made in Giga Shanghai Wins a Car Quality Survey in China

Tesla Model 3 Made in Giga Shanghai Wins a Car Quality Survey in China

According to a recent survey in China, Model 3 made in Giga Shanghai is the best-quality sedan in the second quarter in China.

The famous Model 3 only received 0.7 complaints from every 10,000 sales.

The collected data shows that this Tesla car finds special attention among the Chinese population, but also displays the quality of the company’s vehicles.

CheZhiWang is the company that surveyed Model 3, comparing 38 sedans produced in Giga Shanghai and outside of the country.

The results of the survey show that Model 3 produced in Giga Shanghai is the highest-quality sedan available for Chinese Tesla lovers.

Owners of Model 3 have no complaints about the all-electric vehicle.

A total of 0.7 complaints on every 10.000 sold sedans is a minor number that no one takes into consideration.

The survey data from 12365Auto shows that an average complaint rate on car sales in China is 37.2 complaints on every 10,000 vehicles, which gives Tesla room to rule the Chinese automotive market with no nearby competition.

Giga Shanghai started production in January 2020, so Model 3 made in China is quite a new vehicle.

Although the Tesla workers in China a relatively new in electric car building, they are still producing the highest-quality car.

The survey results are proof of the impeccable work of Tesla factories and improvement in quality finish and design.

Before joining the fleet of the company, every new vehicle is undergoing quality checks that involve errors like faulty buttons, panel gaps, cosmetic issues, paint chips, and other build quality issues.

All car companies, including Tesla, have quality issues that allow customers to complain, ask for a replacement, or full correction of the functionality or cosmetic errors of the new vehicles.

Tesla is asking customers to check the new purchase for all the faults and report the findings to the company.

When people spot errors, Tesla fixes the problem and delivers the vehicle with all quality corrections.

However, there’ve been times where customers return the vehicle because of too many quality issues.

Due to high demand, car companies make mistakes. The hyperproduction of vehicles means committing errors.

Tesla, however, is the only carmaker that improves the quality of its cars to a high level.

The Giga Shanghai workforce took their job seriously, and now they are producing flawless vehicles with a quality that everyone can envy.

Tesla’s top-quality Model 3 is on high demand in China, as the company is working on efficiency improvement.

Model 3 is also the most popular electric car in the world for June. According to the statistics, this excellent practice will continue in the following months.