Volkswagen Star of the Show

Volkswagen Star of the Show

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023) in Las Vegas, there are amazing futuristic gadgets, gaming systems, an 8K projector and a variety of robotics, and yes, a flying car are all present. Some eye-popping new technology is being showcased and Volkswagen did not disappoint either. Volkswagen revealed its fully electric ID.7 sedan under a meticulous and complex rainbow "wrap" that left little to the imagination.

VW did a really unique job of showcasing the new ID.7's intelligence. The camouflaged vehicle had a digital design and distinctive painting that interactively lit up the ID.7. The EV maker added forty layers of paint. Different layers were conductive, and others were insulating. 22 different regions of the car can be independently controlled and are illuminated by an electrified layer beneath the top coat of paint (electroluminescence).

The ID.7 is Volkswagen's response to the Model 3 from Tesla. The market for EV sedans seems to be chugging along nicely, maybe in part because the sleek sedan shape is more suited to high range estimates, but the market for internal combustion engine sedans is rapidly declining. The ID.7 is essentially a production-ready iteration of Volkswagen's ID. AERO 3 concept car from the previous year. The two models appear to have many cosmetic similarities, despite some minor alterations that may be seen (the ID.7 looks to no longer have a full-width LED daytime running light, for instance).

Volkswagen has not yet provided specific mechanical information for the ID.7, however it is based on the MEB+ platform. Volkswagen anticipates it to have an incredible 700 km of range, which, if achieved, would make it one of the most capable electric vehicles on the market.

The ID.7 is longer than the Hyundai Ioniq 6, another popular new completely electric automobile under development, and 94mm longer than a Model 3. Expect the ID.7 to have a useful interior as well because of its short overhangs and extended wheelbase.

Volkswagen has released pictures of the interior of the ID.7. The 15-inch touchscreen, which also serves as the dashboard's primary display, and it is joined by a digital cluster and an augmented reality head-up display. One brand-new interior component called "Smart Air Vents" has received special attention from the German manufacturer. Apparently, the ID.7 will be able to identify the driver from their key and can preset the preferred air conditioning temperature and fan speed before the driver gets in.

An experience for comfort and innovation

The state-of-the-art air conditioning design has several clever features. The EV can identify its driver based on the key. It will then start to cool (or heat) the car’s interior before the driver gets to the car. Volkswagen is first to come out with this new feature known as Smart Air Vents. This regulates airflow and dynamically adjust to provide a balanced temperature within the cabin. And the bonus for passengers is that the circulating air can be manoeuvred and fully controlled.

These features can be activated and saved separately for each user and are always available on the new huge display. Voice commands can be used to trigger special requests. The sedan provides first-rate technology and craftsmanship. One of the 10 new electric vehicles that Volkswagen plans to release by 2026 is the ID.7.

Volkswagen has a good plan in place to go completely electric. The ID VW family is expanding with the EV maker’s ACCELERATE strategy to advance the electric mobility campaign. The ID.3 is currently only sold in Europe and China, the ID.5 is a coupe version of the ID.4, the larger ID.6 SUV is only sold in China, and the ID. Buzz van is only sold in Europe for the time being but will expand to the USA and other global markets in 2024, according to Volkswagen. This new model will become the sixth sibling in the VW electric vehicle family.