New EV unveiled at World EV Day

New EV unveiled at World EV Day

In 2021, the ideal electric car will have the charging speed of a Porsche Taycan, the usability of a Citroen e-Berlingo, the comfort of a BMW i3, and the range of a Mercedes EQS. The Autovia EV-21, which was unveiled at World EV Day, combines all of these attributes and more.

A UK survey from Autovia pooled market information to identify the qualities that car buyers think make up the perfect EV. The result is the Autovia EV-21, a hypothetical car built from essential components of today's best new electric cars.

Hard-nosed motorists will be attracted to any new model based on its performance, practicality, and price, especially if it is an electric vehicle. The Autovia EV-21 demonstrates that all of the necessary characteristics for a mass market breakthrough have been accomplished across the fast expanding variety of electric vehicles now on the road.

The Autovia EV-21 combines parts from a variety of electric vehicle types to provide the most driving range per dollar of any EV. The Lexus UX300e crossover contributes to the idea its warranty, which can be extended to ten years and 100,000 miles (162,000 km) with the so-called "Relax" package, while the Mercedes-Benz EQS lends its excellent WLTP range of 770 km (478 miles).

Charging speed comes from the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan, with their 800-volt electrical systems. The Audi can add 60 miles of driving range for every five minutes it’s on charge. But it’s the Mercedes EQS that donates its outright driving range to the Autovia EV-21. And it’s the Mercedes EQS, plus the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which provide the EV-21’s ride comfort. There are no better EVs to travel long distances in. Then, when it comes to performance, it’s the Rimac Nevera that donates the sub-two-second 0-60mph time and a 254mph top speed, while it’s the Porsche Taycan that’s the Autovia’s EV handling benchmark.

Unfortunately, the automobile tries to combine numerous design elements from those EVs, resulting in a Frankencar that is perhaps the most unattractive looking thing on wheels. And luckily, it’s just based on features suggested by the opinions captured in an annual survey of car ownership experience.

This imagined EV was unveiled at World EV Day on Thursday, 9 September. World EV Day is a global movement that promotes change to electrification and sustainable living. It was a day to celebrate e-mobility, and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

People throughout the world are being educated about the advantages of electric vehicles through special awareness programmes. Green.TV, a sustainability media company, came up with the idea for World EV Day. In 2020, the inaugural World Electric Vehicle Day was observed. It was mostly a social media campaign that encouraged drivers to recognise the advantages of electric vehicles and to commit to driving an electric vehicle instead of a car that ran on conventional fuels in the future.

The event was held in India, and the country emerging as the next favourite destination for automotive companies. Recently, world's leading electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla announced its entry into India. The American giant has incorporated its subsidiary -- Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd, in Bengaluru. Japan-based Suzuki has also declared that it will launch its first EV in India.

2021 will go down as the year of the EV revolution in history. There's massive growth in the Indian EV market. There are several promising brands in the market that are working on E2W models that withstand all the mobility challenges in India. 

In the coming years, EV adoption will skyrocket as people become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Furthermore, rising fuel prices, along with government subsidies, have made purchasing an electric vehicle a more cost-effective option.