USB HUB For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

USB HUB For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Organize your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y center console and get additional USB ports to plug your phones, airpods and more!

You can plug all your devices without your center console feeling like that drawer full of unused cables back home.

Music, data, charging, gaming: Sentry mode recording, charge your phones, listen to your music, play Cuphead with your gaming controller, all at the same time.

Quality Build: Uniform rubberized texture and snug fit as if it was meant to be in your in car.


We have 2 models of USB HUB, one for Tesla Model 3 built before June 2020 and one for Tesla Model 3 After June 2020 and Model Y.

Compatible with other must-have TALSEM accessories: USB Drive & Wireless Charging Pad and gaming controller.

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Tesla Model 3 USB Hub Built Before June 2020