Tesla Illuminated Door Sills

Add a new level of class and elegance to your Tesla with these illuminated door sills. Featuring an illumination function and decorated with exclusive words, it adds a refined touch to your Tesla. With high-quality materials that resist abrasion, heat, cracks, and fading, the door sill also includes long-lasting batteries, giving you the best driving experience.

Key Features:

Update your Tesla's style, presence, and personality. 

With illuminated door sills crafted with care, the spotlight is on your car and the glow is all around. Incorporating a Model 3/Y logo into its body and powered by a battery, this elegant addition requires no additional wiring to your vehicle’s electrical system.   Comfort, style, and elegance are yours when it comes to this illuminated masterpiece!

Long-lasting construction

Why suffer with ugly, scratched door sills? Protect your interior and preserve the stylish look of your Model 3 or Y with this amazing product! Made to match your Model 3/Y's original style and backed by amazing durability, this pair of door sills possesses all the hallmark quality and design that you have come to expect from Tesla.

Simple to 3set up and easy to use

The Model 3/Y Illuminated Door Sills have been designed with a magnetic switch so your Tesla will turn on when opened and off when closed. The door sills include long-lasting LEDs that illuminate the Tesla logo. Best of all, installation is super easy and requires no new wiring to your vehicle’s electrical system. All you have to do is peel off the tape, apply the adhesive aid, align the larger gasket with the smaller one, and hold the sensor in the correct place, and you're done! It's that easy! 

General FAQs:

What makes these illuminated Door Sills a must-have for my Tesla Model 3 or Model Y?

A stylish addition to your Tesla Model 3 and Y, these illuminated door sills stand tall and add a touch of elegance. Featuring premium materials and sophisticated lighting effects, these illuminated door sills come complete with batteries for enhancing Tesla Model 3/Y door panels, offering style and protection all in one. 

How do these door sills get installed, and do I need to get my vehicle's electrical system wired, or do I need any professionals?

The original Model 3/Y door sill has been updated to improve aesthetics while adding magnetic control power switch functionality and a battery-operated LED light set to prevent overloading the electrical system.  A perfect match to your Tesla, these illuminated door sills keep your original car paint safe with magnetic controls, making them practical and convenient.

The illuminated door sills look great, but how long will they last?

Created with luxury materials, this pair of door sills are a perfect complement to your styling taste and is backed by amazing durability. In addition, since they are easy to maintain, they will remain in good condition for a very long time, with their fresh appearance always being maintained.